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Since 1978, Trident Services has established a solid reputation for the excellence of its software, responsiveness of its support team and the expertise of its consulting staff with more than 40 years of experience in their individual specialties. Trident has been an IBM business partner for more than 29 years.
Since launching its first software solution in 1988, Trident has continued to develop and enhance its software products and services to keep pace with industry changes, emerging technologies and client-driven needs.
Solutions to Work Smarter
Trident’s flagship product, zOSEM (z OS Environment Manager), is a powerful tool of strategic importance for the enterprise server environment. Defining processing policies through an ISPF interface, zOSEM encompasses a multitude of features for improved control, throughput and processing efficiency in a z/OS environment. zOSEM helps customers dramatically reduce and control ISV and IBM MLC costs. zOSEM provides an easy-to-use hierarchical storage management (HSM) optimizer, which improves HSM performance and reduces HSM CPU resources and can potentially reduce the 4HRA for SCRT reporting. zOSEM can also eliminate exit migration issues.
Working smarter is a necessity in today’s economic climate; Trident customers can relax knowing they have a smart solution that saves time and money and maximizes resources. Let Trident Services show you how zOSEM can reduce ISV and IBM MLC costs, better utilize CPU resources and simplify the management of your enterprise server.

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