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Joseph Gulla


ECC Conference Day 1 Morning Sessions Are Educational

In mid-June, I traveled to Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, and attended the annual Enterprise Computing Community (ECC) Conference. In June, I wrote about the conference and for this blog and the next few, I will describe and discuss the sessions that I attended on the first and second day of the conference.

Michael AM Felt


SENDMAIL SSL efix: a Painless ifix

There is a good chance you are not using sendmail at all (on AIX) to receive mail. However, if you are, you should be using sendmail plus ssl. If you are using sendmail and ssl you have probably applied the fix suppiled last August (First Issued: Fri Aug  7 15:15:59 CDT 2015 |Updated: Tue Aug 18 09:19:51 CDT 2015.

Dawn May

DAWN MAY | i Can | RSS

Workload Group Configuration with IBM i 7.3

I wrote about workload groups some time ago in “i Can … Manage Workloads Better with IBM i 7.1”.  The information in that older article is still accurate, and I’m not going to repeat a lot of what I wrote there.  If you have not yet used workload groups, you may want to read the older blog for additional information on why workload groups are useful.

Jon Paris and Susan Gantner


Got Any IBM i Enhancement Ideas?

We've written before about the RFE (Request for Enhancement) process specifically for RDi. It's a simple way for RDi users like us to make suggestions for product improvements and cast votes for suggestions made by others. The process has been proven to work. All the recent releases of RDi listed the RFEs that were implemented. Of course, just because you think a suggestion is great and even if it has a respectable number of votes, it still may take a while to be implemented. For example, we still have our fingers crossed for the RDi RFE that has been at the top of our personal favorites list for a long time now - to be able to run RDi natively on our Macs.

Steve Will

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Lessons from COMMON: Part 1

As I was sitting in the airport after the COMMON Conference a few weeks ago, I tweeted a few thoughts: a few lessons I felt one could take away from the largest gathering of IBM i people in the western hemisphere in 2016 (and perhaps the world depending on how big the conference in Japan is this year).

Troy Coleman


Why You Should Move to Universal Table Space

Almost six years ago, I wrote that the future for all DB2 data storage on z/OS will be Universal Table Space (UTS). The purpose of this post isn't to pat myself on the back, but to note that the future is here.

Rob McNelly


Lessons Learned from Camp

As long time readers know, I work with Boy Scouts. Recently we took 19 boys to a week-long summer camp, and while I always find being around kids to be instructive, this time I realized that some of these lessons apply to techies as well as campers.

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