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In Tune With Oracle

Cover Story | Oracle tuning tips for AIX administrators

October 2008

IBM PowerVM Lx86 The Basics

Administrator | IBM PowerVM Lx86 allows you to run x86 Linux applications that haven’t been compiled natively on the Power Architecture.

June 2008

Beyond These Walls

Web Exclusive | Thanks to the New Enterprise Data Center model, the data center is becoming much more streamlined and cost effective, allowing IT departments to spend their money on more than just maintenance and energy costs.

June 2008

Real-Life Project Management

E-Newsletter | Explore the ins and outs of project management with a specific example of a server consolidation project.

April 2008

Managing Your Server Consolidation Project

E-Newsletter | While preparing your project schedule, it’s imperative to think about any constraints, as well as any necessary training, vacation schedules and slack time that you might add to the deliverables. It’s equally important to be cognizant of your critical path so as not to delay the end date of the overall project, which can have considerable financial implications to the project.

March 2008

Server Consolidation Project Management

E-Newsletter | As a project manager for a server consolidation project, what can you do to make sure that your project stays on schedule? How do you deal with AIX gurus who act like divas? How does project management methodology work in the context of server consolidation?

February 2008

Stretching the Dollar

Cover Story | The only way to improve your IT infrastructure today is to develop business strategies that’ll clearly show IT not as a cost center, but as a revenue producer.

February 2008

Optimizing Partition Performance

Administrator | The key to harnessing your environment’s power is being aware of how the underlying hardware can affect partition performance. A few configuration settings can go a long way toward making sure you’re getting the full potential out of your system resources.

February 2008

Achieving a Resilient Data Center

Web Exclusive | Implement these techniques to improve data-center resiliency.

February 2008

Optimizing Partition Performance

E-Newsletter | The way shared resources in partitions are configured can affect the performance of each partition and the system as a whole. The three top configuration settings for maximizing your partitions’ performance are: using dedicated-processor partitions, allocating shared-processor partitions using whole processors and minimizing the number of virtual processors configured.

January 2008



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