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DTS Software, LLC

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DTS Software is recognized worldwide as the leader in enterprise storage management software. Our integrated suite of software products helps our customers monitor, manage and control their storage subsystems. We specialize in storage software solutions developed for IBM z/OS*, Hitachi VOS3, and Fujitsu MSP operating systems.

DTS Software provides superior function and features that allow managers and users to more effectively utilize their investment in storage systems. Our software is designed to solve many of the problems encountered by storage administrators and operations staff–allowing a limited number of administrators to manage a rapidly expanding storage environment.

Solutions by DTS Software, LLC

Allocation Control Center

Allocation Control Center is a policy-based standards enforcement system providing automatic control and placement of SMS and non-SMS disk and tape datasets of all types.

DLm and zVT Control Center

DLM and z/VT Control Center facilitates setup and operation of EMC and Optica Technology’s virtual tape systems. It provides allocation control without using SMS MTL and efficient tape migration.


Easy/Exit (EXT) is an assembler exit replacement and trace facility for all your existing and new exits. It provides an easy-to-use policy-based control language for z/OS IEFxxx, DFSMShsm, TSO, FTP, and many other exits. EXT allows installations to take advantage of the hidden functionality available in z/OS and DFSMShsm without the need for complex, hard-to-maintain assembler language exit routines.


SCC DLIMIT provides a real-time disk space quota facility for z/OS. Space usage can be accounted for by application name or other criteria and reports generated showing usage and activity for each quota account. Policies for controlling and monitoring space usage can be dynamically updated via ISPF/TSO.

SMS/Debug & Audit

SMS/Debug is a powerful testing, tracing and debugging tool for z/OS installations. SMS/Debug & Audit provides logic tracing for ACS routines, automated generation of ISMF test cases, SMS regression testing and SCDS/ACTIVE control dataset comparison and audit trails, to make your DFSMS environment more robust and secure.

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Space Recovery System

Space Recovery System is a dominant product providing disk and tape space error prevention and recovery for the data center. Dynamically eliminates all types of space abends including B37, D37, E37, VSAM allocation and extend errors, duplicate dataset JCL errors and more, allowing production jobs to run without error.

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