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Application development, Performance, Security,
Compuware is the world’s largest mainframe-dedicated software company. As an agile organization, we provide our customers with net new capabilities and enhancements to our existing product portfolio every 90 days—without exception. Our products, which integrate into a cross-platform, enterprise-DevOps toolchain, boost developer productivity, code quality, application performance and data security while improving software delivery quality, velocity and efficiency. Compuware has just expanded its offerings by acquiring Innovation Data Processing’s assets, adding Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Disk Management and VSAM Performance to its portfolio. Click here for more details.

Solutions by Compuware Corporation


Abend-AID, Compuware’s mainframe application failure resolution and fault management solution, enables developers to reduce the tedious and time-consuming task of manually cross-referencing pages of recorded application memory information with pages of application code to understand why an application failure occurred.

Application Audit

Application Audit enables security and compliance teams to easily capture start-to-finish mainframe user behavior in real time, including all successful logins, session keyboard commands and menu selections, and specific data viewed, without making any changes to mainframe applications.


Creating and maintaining multiple IMS development and test systems can be a slow, expensive and technically daunting task. COPE virtualizes IMS systems, enabling new development images of IMS to be available practically on demand, significantly reducing the delays and costs associated with creating completely new IMS subsystems for critical initiatives.


File-AID provides a cross-platform file and data-management solution that enables developers and QA staff to quickly and conveniently access necessary data and files. In turn, developers devote less time to data-related tasks and spend more time developing new functionality. 


Hiperstation automates load, performance and regression testing for applications within CICS, IMS, IDMS, VTAM, TCP/IP and IBM MQ. With flexible and repeatable tests, developers can perform more testing in less time and on a more consistent basis while ensuring an application meets production performance criteria.


ISPW is a modern mainframe Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery tool that empowers veteran and novice developers alike to quickly and safely understand, build, test and deploy mainframe code. ISPW’s technology enables IT to optimize code quality, improve developer productivity and rapidly meet the digital demands of the business. ISPW fits into a modern DevOps toolchain, empowering developers of all experience levels to increase the quality, velocity and efficiency of software development and delivery.


Strobe, a suite of performance analysis tools including iStrobe and AutoStrobe, is an industry-leading application performance and analysis solution for z/OS technology-based applications. With Strobe, IT departments can pinpoint application inefficiencies that cause excessive CPU consumption, while reducing hardware and software costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.

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ThruPut Manager

ThruPut Manager can help automatically and intelligently optimize your batch processing to resolve hidden lurking problems in manual batch processing and futureproof for the next-generation. By balancing workload and improving batch throughput, ThruPut Manager also delivers significant savings in software license fees and IBM monthly licensing charges.


Topaz is a modern Agile platform of mainframe development and testing tools that integrate into a DevOps toolchain, empowering any developer, regardless of experience, to understand and work on any program, so an organization can easily maintain and innovate from its base of mainframe investments. The Topaz suite includes Topaz Workbench (modern, intuitive IDE), Topaz for Program Analysis, Topaz for Enterprise Data, Topaz for Total Test and Topaz on AWS.

Topaz for Program Analysis

Topaz for Program Analysis, part of the Compuware Topaz suite of mainframe development and testing tools, helps developers understand unfamiliar or complex mainframe applications through a visual representation of both the code structure and logic as well as the actual I/O and program trail during execution.

Developers can:
  • Quickly understand, update and troubleshoot even the oldest and most complex mainframe code with Runtime Visualizer
  • See dynamic, graphical mapping of program-to-program calls
  • Pinpoint performance bottlenecks, inefficiencies and inter-program impacts
  • Analyze and understand deeper program details
  • See a “snapshot” of a program’s real behavior in production under present conditions

Topaz for Total Test

Topaz for Total Test, part of Compuware’s Topaz suite of mainframe development and testing tools, automates unit, functional and integration testing.

Developers can:
  • Run unit, functional and integration tests from the same test scenario
  • Validate code changes immediately
  • Maintain the quality of their codebase
  • Leverage integrations with leading cross-platform DevOps and Compuware tools for continuous code quality management


Xpediter, Compuware’s mainframe application debugging and analysis tool, enables developers to fully understand how every instruction within a program works, easily initiate automated unit tests and capture code execution statistics with Code Coverage to quickly move applications into production with greater confidence.

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