About Us

MSP TechMedia is a division of MSP Communications, a full-service publisher that produces magazines and media at any point on the publishing continuum. From turnkey publications to online content to other services, MSP delivers.

On behalf of IBM, MSP TechMedia publishes two magazines—IBM Systems magazine, Power Systems and IBM Systems magazine, IBM Z. The monthly Power Systems edition reaches approximately 30,000 readers who own or work on Power Systems servers running IBM i, AIX and Linux. The IBM Z edition is delivered to approximately 22,000 IBM mainframe customers every other month. Each magazine is also available as a digital version that is free worldwide.

Visitors to the ibmsystemsmag.com website will find blogs, thought leadership content, technical articles, podcasts and more. Advertising from business partners, along with webinars, whitepaper postings, etc., also add value to the site.

MSP TechMedia publishes several e-mail newsletters to complement the content found in the magazines and online. Power Systems EXTRA and Z EXTRA are published three times each month to provide new content to subscribers. Power Systems Marketplace and Z Marketplace deliver a monthly aggregate of business partner webinars, whitepapers, success stories and other information.