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PowerVM LPM/SRR Automation Tool

Dawn May reviews the PowerVM LPM/SRR Automation tool in detail.

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This week’s blog was written by Bob Foster, and is the second installment in a two-part series. Bob is a member of the IBM Lab Services Power Systems Delivery Practice. He’s worked with PowerVM technologies for a number of years, and has focused on live partition mobility and simplified remote restart, including developing a Lab Services offering to assist clients with simplifying their use of LPM and SRR.

Earlier this month I wrote about PowerVM Live Partition Mobility and Simplified Remote Restart, and I hope you want to get your I/T environment LPM and SRR capable to exploit these features.  

This week, I’m going to review the PowerVM LPM/SRR Automation tool in detail.

As I wrote before, LPM is a feature of Power Systems servers that enables a virtual machine (logical partition, or LPAR) to be relocated to another system while it’s running, with no downtime. SRR allows an admin to restart partitions from a failed server to another server. These capabilities are quite similar in helping IBM Power Systems clients to move applications between servers.

The LPM/SRR automation tool, which is delivered by IBM Systems Lab Services, has quickly grown in popularity since its launch in early 2015, with over 240 customers world-wide using this tool.

Here are some of the LPM/SRR automation tool’s top benefits:
  • Ease of use: The tool is easy to install and easy for clients to learn how to use; they can master its basic features in just a few hours.
  • Time savings: The LPM/SRR tool can save clients a lot of time moving applications between servers. If you don’t have the tool, you can only do one mobility at a time through the Hardware Management Console or PowerVC. With the tool, you can do about 16 at a time, in parallel rather than serially.
  • Advanced features: The LPM/SRR tool includes features like the ability to easily remap PowerVM configurations from IBM POWER7 to IBM POWER8 (HBA mappings, V-switch mappings, shared processor pools and so forth). Clients moving to a newer version of IBM Power Systems can therefore redesign their PowerVM mappings onto the new servers with ease.
If you’re looking to learn more, I’ve created a series of videos to demo the LPM/SRR automation tool. Please check out my YouTube playlist for demos, presentations on why clients need this tool and much more.

There are also some longer, more-detailed videos available for those interested in in-depth information about the tool: The tool can be installed on AIX systems or Linux systems or Windows systems. It’s also capable of running in IBM PASE for i (Portable Application Solutions Environment).

This blog was originally published as Fast-growing Lab Services tool saves IBM Power clients time.

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