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Ads for IBM Power Systems must convey both technical and marketing information—undoubtedly quite the needle to thread.

"AIXchange" in white against a purple banner, white chat bubble in righthand corner, with black and green technological texture below.

A while back I discovered this on the Twitter feed of IBM's Paulo Carvao (@pcarvao). It's the best Power Systems ad I've seen yet. Check it out; it only takes a couple minutes.

The video not only highlights the world's fastest supercomputers that run on POWER9 processors, it also mentions both AIX ("the No. 1 OS in the UNIX market") and IBM i ("double-digit growth in 2018"). Also cited are Linux, SAP HANA running on POWER, and much more.

The tagline at the end states: “the time to bet your tomorrow on IBM Power Systems is now.”

If you're suitably inspired by that, you may want to watch another video: "IBM POWER9: Let's put smart to work."

This particular video came out in early 2018. See if you can spot (at the 1:10 mark) a tiny picture of me among many other IBM Champions.

What do you think of these videos? If it was your call, what would you like to see highlighted? I have my own ideas, but I recognize the challenges of making these sorts of ads. The trick is balancing technical and marketing information while making the whole thing visually interesting for non-technical viewers. Undoubtedly that's quite the needle to thread.
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