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IBM Systems Magazine Website Tour

Tour the newly redesigned How to find the content you need about IBM Z, IBM Power Systems and more.

Welcome to the newly redesigned! When developing the site, IBM Systems Media had a single goal in mind: maximize the user experience. The visual improvement between the old and new site may be obvious, but let’s take a closer look.

The Top Navigation Bar: IBM Z, Power Systems, Trends, IT Strategy

Our new website features a top navigation bar. Highlighted in black, you’ll see our four main silos: IBM Z, Power Systems, Trends and IT Strategy. Each silo has its own customized drop down menu.

The “IBM Z” silo takes you to content specifically related to IBM Z. In the drop down menu, you’ll also find links to mainframe blogs and the zTalk podcast.

The “Power Systems” silo is your resource for Power Systems content. In the drop down menu, you’ll also find links to Power Systems blogs and the iTalk with Tuohy podcast.

The “Trends” silo highlights content related to trends in the IT industry, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing and podcasts. 

The “IT Strategy” silo features content focused on optimizing your company’s overall IT strategy. Here, you’ll find content on open source, IBM Research, specific case studies and more.

You’ll also see four categories highlighted in grey on our top navigation bar: these include Security, Cloud, Systems Management and Community. These categories were chosen after asking customers, through readership surveys and other feedback channels, what topical areas they were most interested in. 

Navigating the Website

Notice the OS filter at the top of the home page. You can use this option to filter for content that only relates to your selected OS—whether it’s z/OS, AIX or any of the other OS options.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the navigation experience. Start by clicking on the “Security” category highlighted in grey.

Here, you’ll find a “Start Here” section where introductory content on a given topic is featured. Those well-versed in that topic can move further down the page for more in-depth articles.

Once you scroll down, you’ll have the option to narrow your search by OS, and by subtopic.

The Current Issue Page, Sponsored Content, Webinars and Code

Our articles have a new look, too. Articles now feature a larger, easy-to-read font with plenty of white space to break up the text. We’ve also added a copy/paste code functionality, allowing you to copy bits of code in an article with one click. 

We can also feature sponsored content from third-party business partners. Sponsored content articles are delineated by a slightly tinted grey background to differentiate them from editorial content.

We’ve revamped our "Current Issue" pages as well. All content from the last print issue of IBM Systems magazine is available on one page. For the latest IBM Z issue, click on the “IBM Z” silo, and then click “Current Issue” from the drop down menu.

To see content from the latest Power Systems print issue, click on the “Power Systems” silo, and then click “Current Issue” from the drop down menu. 

Our “Webinars” page aggregates all of the current and upcoming webinars from third-party business partners.

IBM Systems magazine is also available in print and digital formats, and IBM Systems Media produces regular EXTRA e-newsletters and webinars. Subscribe now on our new subscription page!

We hope you enjoy exploring the features of our new website as much as we enjoyed designing it. Thanks for watching! Let us know what you think. Contact Evelyn Hoover at
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