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Business Continuity in a Time When You Need it Most

Learn how IBM Power Systems Software can help businesses remain available and resilient.

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This year hasn’t exactly ended up how we thought it would at the start of 2020. Most of us are still working at home—and in some cases, that arrangement has become permanent. Your teams haven’t been able to spend the time in the office and data center like they would previously. You’ve had to adapt and adopt new methods and policies for working remotely, all while keeping your business and IT environments up and running. This year has certainly changed the way teams view their operations and procedures. 

Staying online 24-7 is now an expectation for businesses, not just a luxury. Your customers and partners expect to be able to interact with your company when they want, where they want and how they want. Local regulations and state of emergency declarations have taken this a step further. An unplanned outage is the last thing your business and IT teams need right now, for their safety and the satisfaction of your customers. 

Increasing Availability and Reducing Expenses

The IBM Power Systems™ platform has business continuity built into both the hardware and software, with strategic high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) offerings including IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror and IBM VM Recovery Manager. PowerHA provides near-continuous application availability with advanced failure detection, failover and recovery capabilities for AIX® and IBM i environments. VM Recovery Manager streamlines site switches with a more economical and automated HA and DR solution for Power Systems. Both are a key part of our HA and DR offering portfolio for business-critical workloads within hybrid cloud environments.   

Unfortunately for many organizations, IT budgets are stretched even thinner this year due to the pandemic. PowerHA and VM Recovery Manager help reduce both CapEx and OpEx for businesses by minimizing the amount of hardware and software needed to achieve complete uptime and utilizing the IBM Cloud® for failover if needed. Avoiding downtime is the best way to reduce unexpected costs as well. According to the 2020 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability Survey conducted by Information Technology Intelligence Consulting, a single hour of downtime for an enterprise can cost up to $300,000, or $4,998 per minute.  

Expanding HA/DR Solutions

This fall, IBM announced enhancements around the Power Systems software stack for AIX® and IBM i, which included updates for PowerHA SystemMirror for both OSes, as well as VM Recovery Manager. These enhancements allow users to manage business continuity from a single UI and reduce the amount of commands needed to deploy HA environments. Even more automation is built into the solution as well, featuring at-a-glance health monitoring for system administrators. In short, these offerings simplify business continuity for clients and help them achieve maximum uptime and stay online in a time when it’s needed most. 

As we head into 2021, one thing that won’t change is IBM’s continued investment in our client’s success and their business continuity. We continue to enhance our HA and DR portfolio and listen closely to our clients’ and business partners’ needs through our various feedback and advisory councils. If you’re using third-party tools or performing manual operations, perhaps it’s time to see how much time and money you can save with IBM Power Systems solutions for HA and DR.

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