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Strategies for Specifying POWER9 AIX Implementations

Learn about this AIX session series at TechU this fall.

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As a consultant with IBM Systems Lab Services, I work with clients who have diverse POWER9 AIX implementations. However, a common area that frequently raises questions is how to build the LPAR to best fit the workload. And so, a series of TechU sessions on the subject was created. I’ll be presenting these lectures at TechU in Las Vegas(October 7-11) and TechU in Sydney, Australia (October 15-17).
The goal of this seven-part curriculum is to first understand the character and priorities of large AIX workloads, and then use this understanding to directly specify the most appropriate POWER9 AIX LPAR implementation. In other words, we build an LPAR that best suits the demands of its workload.
AIX workloads typically demand an uneven priority for processing responsiveness, throughput and continuity. Continuity is a trait to be detailed in this series. Given an understanding of a workload's demand requirements for responsiveness, throughput, and continuity, we can apply a blend of four strategies for specifying the best LPAR implementation to attend its workload.
The curriculum begins with a summary of the key whitepaper, “IBM POWER9 Processor Architecture,” followed by three sessions:
  • Considerations and Strategies for POWER9 AIX Workloads: Get a curriculum overview
  • Perspectives for Monitoring POWER9 AIX Workload Productivity: Learn how POWER9 AIX must be monitored differently because of its new core microarchitecture 
  • Concurrency and the Art of Virtual Memory Maintenance: Explore a progression of SMT, the roots of POWER9 performance, and tracing the events of effective-to-real-address-translations (ERAT).
The curriculum concludes with three sessions: 
  • What to Know: Learn how to specify an LPAR for a given workload
  • How to See It: Discover how to discern the responsiveness, throughput and continuity demand factors of a workload in the AIX command output
  • Then Do This: See how to specify POWER9 AIX LPAR implementations by four strategies
I designed this curriculum as seven 60-minute sessions. You’ll get a creative whirlwind of strategies, concepts and tactics founded on the POWER9 processor architecture. Join me at TechU as we explore the best strategies for tuning to the technology.
I look forward to seeing you in Vegas or Sydney!
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