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Invest in Your IBM i Skill Development at IBM TechU

IBMer Doug Mack gives a sneak peek at IBM i sessions that will be offered at TechU events this fall.

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Over the years I have had the pleasure to attend many IBM technical education events as an attendee or speaker. The past couple of years I’ve observed a real reinvigoration of the (now called) Systems Technical University (TechU) customer and business partner events that are run multiple times across the globe. In October, I’ll be participating in both the TechU in Prague, and a little closer to home in Las Vegas!  

Skill up fast with the IBM i Fast Track

The upcoming TechU in Las Vegas adds a bit of a new twist—an entire track to introduce you to either AIX or IBM i on the Power Systems platform. 
The IBM i Fast Start track is a great fit for those new to the platform or wanting to get an understanding of “that server over there that just runs on its own.” Session topics include systems management, performance, application development in traditional or open-source languages, security, and of course, my favorite topic: database! If you work on another platform but have an IBM i box in your environment, these sessions can give you a solid foundation so you can talk the talk with your IBM i colleagues! 

Explore Db2 for i 

You can also take advantage of some hands-on opportunities. I’ll be hosting a hands-on lab called “Take Db2 Web Query for i on a Test Drive.” This business intelligence and data warehousing suite of products is designed for and integrated with IBM i and Db2 for i. Modernize your green screen queries or build highly visual interactive dashboards in minutes. 
For those wanting to get a handle on what’s new, there are many more advanced sessions taught by  seasoned veterans with years of experience in their specific field of expertise. Get the latest on Db2 for i enhancements, including Db2 Mirror high availability. If you’re not on the analytics bandwagon, you should be, and you don’t need to be a seasoned veteran to get started. A complete set of sessions on Db2 Web Query will start you at the beginning, take you through how to get a fast start, provide hints and tips, and explain the why and how for building a data warehouse on IBM i.  

Modernize Your Legacy Apps

Many IBM i clients are looking for ways to modernize their legacy applications but are unsure of where to start—application modernization, database or reporting/analytics. A number of factors can play into any approach, including business requirements, costs, current skill, and time to deliver value. There will be many IBM i specific sessions with a modernization theme to get a feel for what is out there and how to go about any modernization project. We’ll even talk about integrating IBM i with Watson!

If you haven’t enrolled yet, there’s still time. Register now to learn more about IBM i at these TechU conferences:  

IBM TechU in Las Vegas | October 7-11      
IBM TechU in Sydney | October 15-17    
IBM TechU in Prague | October 21-25    
IBM TechU in Bali | November 7-8         
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