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Collaborate With Local Users at an IBM-Sponsored Meetup

Local Meetup groups give clients a collaborative environment to learn about artificial intelligence and the Power Systems platform.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is about collaboration. IBM is designing open source hardware, running open source operating systems, and leveraging open source developer tools like TensorFlow and Pytorch. We wanted to promote this sense of community, inclusiveness, and collaboration with our clients too.
We wanted to create a place where a community could come together in face-to-face sessions to share ideas about Artificial Intelligence and Power technologies, to share experiences and lessons learned about business challenges and approaches to solve them, and to build new relationships with other professionals spanning different industries and backgrounds.  Meetups were the answer and the community responded.  
The IBM Power Systems team is now hosting over 70 Meetup groups across the globe dedicated to AI and Power topics. The IBM AI Meetups and the IBM Power-related Meetup groups are a great way to find and connect with people who share a common interest.  The Meetup group organizers are committed to bringing together clients, students, and anyone who has an interest in learning about machine learning, deep learning, AI, and POWER technologies and tools to share ideas, experiences and best practices. Some groups focus more on AI and ML/DL while others are more tailored to Power infrastructure with a focus on providing technical deep dive details about the IBM Power Systems portfolio.
And that’s not all! Other teams at IBM are organizing Meetups which presents a myriad of opportunities to find groups centered around related themes such as Big Data Developers or IBM Watson or IBM Systems Storage. Many IBMers also participate and present in groups like Women Who Code. Through the events hosted by the group, you can meet people to discuss technology and how you can use it in your business to drive outcomes, learn the latest trends and best practices and socialize with individuals who have a common interest. Each group surveys its members to choose future topics that are of interest to the group and each Meetup group clearly describes what it’s about on its main landing page.  

A Variety of Topics; A Variety of Formats

The format of each Meetup varies, it could be a presentation, a panel discussion, a demo, or even a hands-on lab. Meetup speakers are topic experts from both inside and outside of IBM, including industry and academia. The specific details of each Meetup will be included in the announcement sent to all group members via the application.
Some of the topics recently presented in Meetups include:
· AI in the Financial Industry
· H20 Driverless AI
· The AI Integrated Fabric with NVIDIA - Building a Balanced Approach to AI + ML
· IBM AI and Bias in Machine Learning
· IBM Deep Learning and the Art of the Possible
· IBM PowerAI Vision – Build Your Own Model hands-on learning sessions 

Some Meetup groups record their sessions and post them to open video sharing sites, including a recent session on Snap ML: Accelerating Machine Learning for Business Applications from the IBM AI LondonMeetup group.


Meetups often include a networking component either before or after the meeting, usually with refreshments, during which you can network with other members, meet IBM and industry experts on Power and AI topics, and engage in small group discussions with speakers and other attendees.    

Getting Started

If you are new to meetups, access and search for groups near you.
Leverage the “Explore” feature to find groups in your area that are discussing the topics that are of interest to you.  For example, if you’re in New York City and interested in machine learning, enter the search term “machine learning,” select the distance from New York City that you’re willing to travel for a meeting, and you will be presented with a number of upcoming Meetups addressing that topic within the mileage radius specified.  
You can explore groups, view upcoming events, and join any and all groups that look interesting to you. There’s no charge to join a group, and you can join multiple groups. As events get scheduled by the Meetup Groups you have joined, you’ll be notified, and you can register to attend events that are of interest to you. And if you don’t see a group that matches your interests or meets your needs, you can always start a new Meetup group. 
We look forward to “meeting up” with you at a Meetup event soon!
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