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Attract and Retain Top Talent Through Skills Programs

PSAI Program Director Nicki Anzivina explains how IBM works with skills to fill the talent pipeline.

PSAI Program Director Nicki Anzivina explains how IBM works with skills to fill the talent pipeline.

Business demands are constantly evolving. Your organization must keep pace with these demands while remaining innovative and growth focused. This starts with the right people. By attracting and retaining top talent for your IBM Power Systems™ platform, your organization can continue to thrive.

The Power Systems Academic Initiative (PSAI) ensures that today’s and tomorrow’s workforce has the skills needed to ensure your organization’s success. Partnering with 759 schools across 73 countries worldwide, PSAI helps students gain the skills needed to stay relevant in the IT industry, while maintaining mission-critical Power® workloads. 

PSAI offers remote learning opportunities for today’s environment. Courseware and cloud access to servers help today’s workforce develop vital Power Systems skills, wherever they are in the world. For example, new courses in cloud computing, cognitive and open source have been added to expand their knowledge.

Building Power Systems Skills

We’re helping build skills in disciplines, including IT and system administration, software development and computer science to ensure that today’s workforce is equipped to drive your success.

Ensure an educated workforce 

Rest assured that tomorrow’s workforce will be educated about Power Systems technology and OSes, including IBM, AIX®, IBM i and Linux®. 

Universities can download more than 55 offerings from the PSAI course library and over 47 offerings from the Cognitive Class library. Schools can use these offerings as-is or combine pieces of various classes to create an educational experience tailored for their curriculum.

With access to textbooks,
IBM Redbooks® publications, subject matter experts and a fully equipped cloud, educators can teach students:

  • The entire Power software stack, from OSes to applications
  • Hands-on understanding and experience with servers
  • Practical advantages of Power Systems hardware and architecture in the open-source market
  • The use of utilities that leverage the architecture

Connect You With Prospective and Future Employees 

The PSAI job board provides a worldwide community where employers can post open positions, while students can post their resumes in a resume bank and apply for jobs. Your organization can create internships and co-op opportunities to incentivize students to take valuable courses while building your pipeline of future recruits. 

Connect with sources for future employees by linking organizations such as yours with local educational institutions. This establishes a potential recurring source of new hires for your organization. A strong local relationship can provide valuable insight into business demands and future education requirements. 

Today’s business challenges require the top talent for your IBM Power Systems platform. We’re committed to cultivating this talent and bringing it to you to benefit your organization.

Explore the PSAI website to see how we bridge the skills gap through programs and relationships. 

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