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YiPs Founder Discusses Advances in IBM i Talent Development

A Q&A with Pete Massiello on encouraging young IBM i talent.

Pete Massiello

A Q&A With Pete Massiello

IBM Systems magazine (ISM): Your company, iTech Solutions, has performed many migrations. How many POWER9* migrations would you say you helped with so far?
Pete Massiello (PM): I think we’ve probably done about 40 or 50. This is going to sound really funny, but one of the coolest things is the day the clients go live on that new box. It’s just great watching their face as they see how fast the new machines are.

ISM: What did you want accomplish when you founded Young i Professionals?
PM: It was quite a while ago when I was on the COMMON board and at the time, we were trying to bring more youth into the organization. It started out by just meeting with a bunch of younger attendees at the conference and just kind of hearing from their perspective what they needed. Every age group has different needs, and the younger members of COMMON were no exception. I was able to bring their needs back to the board, and our first step was to facilitate the group. Then they got together, trying to help each other out. That’s where the YiPs came from. The future of COMMON, the future of IBM i, the future of everything is in our youth, so it behooves us to help them along.

ISM: What’s your response to someone who maybe doesn’t think that migration is necessary for them?
PM: You know, people always understand the value of money. When we look at what they’re paying for their existing maintenance and what they’re paying for maintenance over three or four years, for the same price, we’re putting a POWER9 system in with so much more performance.

ISM: You’ve been working with IBM i and its predecessors since 1989. What do you think the future has in store for IBM i?
PM: This new release of IBM i has the most enhancements and functionality than any release ever brought out. It’s going to be an exciting year to be an IBM i client.

ISM: You’re also a past president of COMMON but I know you’re still very active. Can you tell me what your role with COMMON is now?
PM: I’m on a couple advisory committees and I still stay pretty active in local user groups. COMMON is a great source of education for the IBM i community, and I always enjoy speaking and attending the conferences. Now I concentrate more on speaking, and I get a chance to travel around the world, speaking at user groups all over, helping people learn all about the system administration side of IBM i.

ISM: What’s your biggest piece of advice for someone who’s just getting started with their career?
PM: I think the advice—and this may resonate with any age—is never stop learning. Never think you know everything. There’s so much out there to learn and the more you learn, the more valuable you are to yourself, your family, and your company.
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