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IBM Visual Insights Now With x86 Support

On Twitter, IBM's David Spurway announced information for IBM Visual Insights V1.2.


On Twitter, IBM's David Spurway posted announcement information for IBM Visual Insights V1.2:
IBM Visual Insights V1.2, previously called IBM PowerAI Vision, extends support to GPU-accelerated AI software on x86-based servers.
To accommodate the diversity of infrastructures used for AI solutions, IBM has expanded support of its award-winning software beyond POWER architectures to include Intel platforms. To avoid confusion in the marketplace, IBM PowerAI Vision has been renamed IBM Visual Insights.
In addition to its current functions, IBM Visual Insights V1.2 now offers:
* Support on x86-based servers with GPUs for training and inference
* Availability on IBM Cloud as a client-managed service
The announcement letter also includes specific hardware and software requirements. This solution runs in POWER9 and POWER8 environments:
            * Power System S822LC (8335-GTB) for HPC servers
            * Power System AC922 (8335-GTG and 8335-GTH) for HPC servers
            * Power System IC922 (9183-22X)
            * x86-based servers
            * Minimum system RAM 128 GB
            * Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6-Alt (POWER9)
            * Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 (POWER8 and x86)
            * Ubuntu Server 18.04
            * NVIDIA GPU driver
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