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Why You Should Upgrade to AIX 7.2 Technology Level 4

AIX expert Jaqui Lynch explains the benefits clients can reap by upgrading to the latest OS level.

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If you’re running any level of AIX prior to AIX 7.1 TL05, it’s time to consider upgrading your OS. All releases prior to AIX 7.1 TL05 are now out of support. Additionally, AIX 7.2, TL01 went out of support on November 30, 2019 and TL02 goes out of support October 31, 2020. So this is a good time to start looking at AIX 7.2 TL04. TL04 was announced November 15, 2019 along with the associated service pack SP1, and won’t go out of support until November 2022.
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