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IBM i and Think 2020: A Natural Intersection of Smart Education and Professional Relationships

IBM Champion for Power Systems Charles Guarino previews IBM i education during the Think digital conference.

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I recently posted a blog on why I am attending IBM Think 2020, you can find it by clicking here. I would like to expand on those ideas and discuss why I believe it’s even more vital for an IBM i professional to attend. If you haven’t heard by now, Think 2020 will be remade into a new and innovative digital format, giving you even more free access to a week of educational content. 
IBM i Success Never Ends: It’s a fact; for over thirty years IBM i has supported many customers worldwide. You can read about many of them at the IBM i customer stories website by clicking here. Whether you read only a few or all of them, what becomes apparent are the analogous technologies being deployed over a very broad range of industries. Blockchain, Internet of Things, AI, open source, and much more. Wait, what? Yes, IBM i integrates with these technologies. Of course!
Get Head of the Curve: Digital transformation is the name of the game. It is far more than a buzzword, and whether you’re already employing such technology or not, it is here to stay, and grow exponentially. It is only a matter of time when your business in order to remain relevant and profitable will need to deploy such technologies. Sink or swim, as they say. You will surely require education and guidance for yourself and other stakeholders. Why not learn from those who have already gone down this road and will report back on their success? A review of what was offered at Think 2019 provides more than enough insight for a compelling take away. Think offers strategic and tactical content on new and emerging technologies and delivers exactly what you need most– timely and wide-ranging information. Case studies abound from industry users and experts. Moreover, dozens of sessions have been recorded and are available for free replay by clicking here.
Flexibility, scalability and opportunities: With IBM’s commitment to deliver a “recreated, global, digital-first event,” I’m looking forward to virtually attending this amazing conference. In the spirit of full disclosure, I admit “digital-first” was a term that was unfamiliar to me, but, as the name suggests, there will be emphasis on digital content delivery. This translates to potentially even more possibilities of content, delivered on a worldwide platform. Indeed, admission is now free and open to all, with the only requirement being to register here. In fact, those previously registered for Think 2020 are now already registered for this new event. Members of your team who might have not been able to attend beforehand can now easily participate. 
“See” you there: With this scale of digital content, technologies that can be deployed on IBM i will be well represented. The educational value of relevant and current cutting-edge topics is enormous. You too will discover why Rob Enderle of published his article, “IBM i: The Most Amazing IBM Product You’ve Never Heard Of.” But, of course, you already know. I have saved the dates May 5ththrough May 7thon my calendar and I recommend you do the same. I thoroughly expect this to be an experience you won’t soon forget. In the meantime, download IDC’s report on why IBM i is IBM’s best kept secret and how to make your use of it even better. 
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