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Build a Better AI Workflow From the Ground Up

5 steps for building an effective AI workflow.

AI illuminated with balloons

Image by Ben Fearnley

START 1 Gather Data

Obtain buy-in from key stakeholders and gather data. Define a use case for implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and create objectives around that.

2 Implement Your Model
Acquire sufficient compute resources. Devise a plan to integrate your data sources with existing infrastructure.

3 Prepare Your Data
Partner with your data analyst to streamline operations for preparing and preprocessing data.

4 Build, Train and Optimize Your Model
Choose an AI framework and devise strategies to shorten training times. Tune and optimize your model to best meet the needs of your organization. Package the algorithm to deploy elsewhere.

5 Infer Insights
Tweak the feedback loop in your model to maintain accuracy. Determine how to leverage AI insights in your organization.  

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