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Introducing 2020 iSight: Our Clear Vision for the Future

IBM i Offering Manager Alison Butterill introduces the 2020 iSight blog, which offers clients a clear vision of the future of IBM i and Power Systems.

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This blog launches the beginning of 2020 iSight. It will be our way of highlighting our clear vision of the future of IBM i. We will take this opportunity to help our clients, business partners and ISVs to discover their “perfect vision” for IBM i and their businesses as well. This blog will be the home for this vision, highlighting viewpoints from experts and community influencers.   
For the past two years, we have shared our strong vision for the future of IBM i. This started with the 30th anniversary theme of “30 years of innovation and we are just getting started.”  Last year, we announced IBM i 7.4 with additional capabilities, including an empasis on continuous availability. The focus was again on looking forward and talking about “a platform for innovators, by innovators,” showcasing the latest security features and easy integration with new technologies such as Watson, AI, Internet of Things and more. 
With this year being 2020, there was only one theme we thought would be appropriate–2020 iSight.  
What will we be talking about this year? Here is just some of what to expect on this blog and throughout the community.

Continuous Availability 

IBM Db2 Mirror for i was rolled out in June 2019. Db2 Mirror for i enables continuous availability for mission-critical applications. This is non-negotiable for many of our clients, especially those in highly regulated industries that cannot experience any downtime, such as banking and financial services. Learn more about Db2 Mirror for i


Public, private, hybrid, even hybrid multicloud, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS. Does IBM i fit with all these cloud scenarios? In short, yes. IBM i can be deployed in any type of cloud environment, and we’ll be highlighting the use cases and scenarios for each one. IBM i is available in the IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers offering, as well as other cloud providers. Learn more about the IBM Power Systems Virtual Server cloud offering.


We’ll be showcasing industry solutions focusing on how to create additional value for IBM i business applications using artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and more. Our development team will continue their journey of providing new capabilities, in both traditional environments and open source environments. 
Read stories of our amazing clients innovating with AI, IoT and more on the platform here, and reach out to us to have your company story featured as well.
Bookmark and check back in on this blog often. We’ll feature stories and perspectives from the community, including IBM Champions, Fresh Faces and industry experts and influencers. Our team will be busy again this year, hitting the road to visit conferences, user groups and engaging with our incredible community. 
We’re looking forward to another amazing year for IBM i.  

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