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Navigating Disruption With Hybrid Cloud

IBM Cognitive Systems General Manager Stephen Leonard explains how hybrid multicloud can help organizations adapt quickly in an uncertain world.

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The events of 2020 have completely redefined what “disruption” means in today’s world.

I used to hear that word and think about companies like Facebook or Uber, that either invented or redefined entire industries. Now we’re experiencing a whole new kind of disruption to our working environments. Successfully navigating continuous change has become a top priority for businesses worldwide, all of which recognize the need to transform but to do so without having to change everything in their technology stack. 

One of the best ways to prepare your organization for tomorrow is to ensure you have a flexible, secure and reliable computing platform that’s architected to support the scale and performance of current and new business-critical applications and processes. By doing so, your business is well on its way to creating a hybrid multicloud, the key to a robust modern IT infrastructure.

Navigating Global Disruption

Businesses large and small are reinventing the way their employees, customers and business partners collaborate, sell and purchase, making digital engagement the norm rather than the exception.

Going forward, many of these changes are going to become permanent, meaning that the future of work is wholly reliant on technological innovation. For businesses to keep up with the changing world, they must have strong, robust and resilient core systems.

The “intelligent workflow” of the future is one that changes the way that work is done. It’s not enough to adapt to new technologies and make incremental process improvements. You need to be able to use technology to shape new work such as offering new products and entering markets you couldn’t before.

In short, you need a computing platform that can adopt new technology on your terms, rather than letting new innovations and changing global situations dictate the changes that you need to make.

Navigating the New Era of Cloud Computing

The key to preparing your business for disruption is to take business-critical applications and enable them for cloud, as part of a hybrid multicloud environment. With 98% of organizations saying that they will be using multiple cloud environments by 2021, it seems the future of IT strategy is a hybrid multicloud approach ( 

In order to create the most cost-effective IT infrastructure strategy for your business, you need a simple, streamlined approach to computing that offers:

  • Persistent security and resilience
  • Flexibility and performance for advanced apps and data-intensive workloads
  • Support for new consumption and deployment models across on-premise and public cloud 
  • Embedded critical open standards and a broad range of hybrid multicloud options to avoid vendor lock-in

With these foundational requirements built into your IT infrastructure, you’ll be ready for change when it comes. Along with these foundational requirements built into your IT infrastructure, IBM Power Systems™ also achieved a top rating in server hardware, server OS reliability and server application reliability rankings, check out the results of Information Technology Intelligence Consulting’s 2020 Global Reliability Survey

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