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Investing in the Power Community

The IBM Power Systems team meets with clients regularly and prides itself on taking your feedback seriously.

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When clients talk, we listen. The IBM Power Systems* team meets with clients regularly and prides itself on taking your feedback seriously. As a company, IBM strives to engage with clients through our presence at user-group events, one-on-one client meetings and in-depth client research. Through direct feedback, we uncovered several areas where you expressed a need for additional support, to help you effectively convey how the Power Systems platform remains one of the most strategic capital investments your business has made.

With this valuable input, we created strategic content designed to meet your needs. I’d like to highlight a few of these to ensure you have the opportunity to take advantage of them: analyst coverage and client value stories, community engagement, and a new total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator.

We’ve received several endorsements from industry analysts, including papers from IDC on the compelling client benefits of our scale-out ( and enterprise ( servers versus the competition. In fact, in one blog (, IDC questions, “Are x86-based systems distinctly better at ingesting and processing data than competing systems? IDC believes that the short answer is: they’re not.” In addition, we’re highlighting Power Systems client success stories so you can see firsthand how other companies are capitalizing on the latest innovations (

Community engagement continues to grow. From user-group events to online collaboration forums, the community around Power Systems is thriving. Our team understands the value of rapid, real-time collaboration with clients and IBM’s Power* ecosystem. We invite you to join the conversation at the Power Systems Community page ( It’s the perfect forum to engage with IBM to help us better understand your business needs and strengthen our relationship. Additionally, the Power Systems Champions program has grown both in membership and engagement, providing a sounding board from the community.

Lastly, we’ve heard from all of you that you’re faced with shrinking IT budgets year after year. To cut costs while simultaneously increasing performance, security, availability and flexibility, we know you need a purpose-built infrastructure. To show you how much your organization can save by upgrading or migrating to IBM POWER8* technology, we’ve built a quick and easy-to-use TCO tool, available online at

We value your partnership and want to ensure you’re taking advantage of recent offerings, such as new enterprise cloud servers, the IBM i and AIX* long-term road maps, and IBM’s commitment to open source and open-source cloud management—in particular, open-source cloud automation ( Please keep the feedback coming. In the meantime, take a few minutes to check out the TCO tool to calculate your potential savings—what have you got to lose (apart from a big chunk of your IT costs)?

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