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HA/DR Is More Critical Than Ever Before

IBM Offering Manager Steve Finnes shares how IBM continues to advance its HA/DR offerings.

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We live in an “always on” digital world. Your customers and partners expect to get the data and information they need when they need it, and from where they need it. Legal regulations around availability continue to become more complex, especially in industries with sensitive data. Changing climate and weather conditions require a strategy to ensure business doesn’t come to a halt due to a natural or human-made disaster. In short, “being down” is no longer an acceptable answer in many organizations anymore.    

This is why high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) are more critical in your enterprise than ever before. As such, HA/DR remains a top-of-mind topic for IT managers and system administrators across all industries. According to the 2019 community surveys from IBM Business Partner HelpSystems, 37.8% respondents in the AIX* survey said HA/DR was their top IT concern of 2019, even ahead of issues like security and application modernization. In the IBM i survey, 57% said it was their top concern, trailing only behind security. This is why IBM continues to roll out new offerings and enhancements to
our HA and DR portfolios.  

With the announcement of IBM i 7.4 in April, IBM also debuted a new continuous availability and HA offering: IBM Db2* Mirror for i, which enables continuous availability for your mission-critical applications and a recovery time objective (RTO) of zero by synchronously mirroring database updates between two separate nodes. 

In October, IBM also introduced IBM VM Recovery Manager for Power Systems*. VM Recovery Manager is an HA/DR solution that includes automation software to restart VMs to a backup environment and streamlines DR testing. And, of course, we continue to innovate and update our flagship HA offering, IBM PowerHA*, which is available for IBM i, AIX and Linux* environments on Power Systems.

As always, we deeply value the feedback from you, our clients and business partners. Your input is critical as we build our products and strategy. For example, our new Db2 Mirror for i offering came about as a result of direct feedback we received from our many clients in the banking and financial services industries—they needed continuous availability due to new regulations and customer demands. 2020 will be a busy year for IBM Power Systems. I look forward to meeting many of you at IBM Think, TechU, POWERUp and more to get your feedback, answer your HA/DR questions and come up with solutions that meet your needs. 

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