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Celebrating 20 Years of Linux on IBM Z

20 years of Linux on IBM Z, 5 years of IBM LinuxONE, 1 year of Red Hat OpenShift for IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE

Image by Mike Novak

Betting on Linux® 20 years ago helped cement the IBM Z® platform’s position today in the era of hybrid cloud. The last 20 years of Linux on IBM Z paved the way for modernizing applications, opening up the platform and enabling open-source tools and DevOps. All of this contributes to making IBM Z a robust platform aligned with current and future business needs.

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IBM unveils Linux software and services for the IBM S/390® server and announces a plan to invest $1 billion in developing and marketing Linux. SUSE Linux for S/390 is released.


Red Hat® delivers Linux solutions for the IBM S/390 mainframe computer.


Linux on IBM Z is first used for mission-critical applications by clients.


IBM completes its “Big Green” consolidation of 3,900 x86 servers to a Linux on IBM Z servers.


IBM celebrates 100 years of innovation, including support for Linux.


IBM launches IBM LinuxONE™. The Open Mainframe Project is launched by The Linux Foundation. Canonical announces plans to deliver Ubuntu for IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE.


IBM Cloud® Private brings containers and Kubernetes to Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE.


IBM and Red Hat join forces to advance hybrid cloud. IBM launches the new IBM z15™ and IBM LinuxONE III servers. IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services is launched, built on LinuxONE.


Red Hat OpenShift®, Red Hat Runtimes and IBM Cloud Pak® for Applications 4.2 become available on Linux on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE.

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