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Launch Next-Generation IBM Z and LinuxONE Systems With IBM Systems Lab Services

How IBM Systems Lab Services can help you get the most from your IBM Z and LinuxONE investments.

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Many organizations have struggled to square privacy and security needs with the desire to move to the cloud. That’s one reason why a significant number of enterprise workloads are still running on on-premises infrastructure. For mission-critical workloads, security is of utmost importance, and many businesses are now adopting a hybrid multicloud approach in recognition that there is no “one size fits all” cloud solution.

For IBM Z and LinuxONE clients, the recently announced z15 and LinuxONE III servers offer new possibilities for balancing the priorities of privacy and security with the growing interest in cloud development and multicloud environments. These new systems are designed to offer the cloud you want, with the privacy and security you need.
This is good news for the industry-leading organizations who’ve built their businesses on IBM Z and LinuxONE technologies. So, how can you take advantage of the full set of features available in this new generation of infrastructure solutions?

Getting up to Speed on IBM Z and LinuxONE

If your business is growing, there’s a good chance that finding the time, skills and knowledge to implement new features, migrate to new systems or tune your environment for optimal performance is a challenge. Services consultations can be a perfect way to meet those needs. If you’re looking to update your IBM Z or LinuxONE systems, or to integrate more of your infrastructure into the cloud, IBM Systems Lab Services has a broad range of tools and services—and the proven expertise—to help get you there quickly.
Consultants from Lab Services have deep technical experience with IBM Z and LinuxONE technology and are highly skilled at delivering solutions that help you get the most out of your technology investments. Our consultants offer short onsite engagements to help your organization take full advantage of IBM Z and LinuxONE.

IBM Z and LinuxONE Offerings from IBM Systems Lab Services

IBM Systems Lab Services’ offerings for IBM Z and LinuxONE clients include security and encryption services to help you safeguard your data, currency and migration services to keep your platforms fully up to date, and IBM Z performance and tuning to ensure you’re getting the best performance from your infrastructure investments. We also offer services on z/OS Container Extensions, Red Hat OpenShift on Z and IBM Cloud Paks for Z and LinuxONE.
These services are designed to make life easier for your IT team by helping you resolve common challenges and speedily take advantage of your technology investments. And if you have a need that isn’t addressed with the services listed here, we can provide support that’s tailored to your specific challenges and requirements.

Seeing Is Believing 

Technology changes quickly and evaluating how to fit the latest products into your infrastructure is essential. With deep experience on Z and LinuxONE, IBM Systems Lab Services is uniquely positioned to help clients maintain systems and undertake version/release upgrades. Below, you’ll find some example IBM Systems Lab Services success stories, broken down by service.

Currency and migration services 
Migrations and upgrades can be worrying, but our migration services can ease your concerns by helping you reduce the risk and plan proactively before undergoing a migration. We work with your staff to understand your specific requirements and recommend the right method to ensure success.
  • A Spanish insurance company that wanted to migrate to new IBM Z hardware recently sought help from IBM Systems Lab Services to analyze its mainframe performance to properly size and configure the new hardware. Our team provided a technical assessment and delivered a report of its findings that gave the company confidence about moving forward with its upgrade.
  • A European manufacturer looking to do a major refresh of its infrastructure engaged Lab Services for implementation and migration help, and our support assured the company in the best approach to refreshing its hardware environment. 
Pervasive Encryption Readiness Assessment
A growing number of companies are interested in implementing IBM Z pervasive encryption but need to understand their infrastructure readiness and identify what steps they need to take for fast adoption with minimal business impact. With the Pervasive Encryption Readiness Assessment, IBM Systems Lab Services reviews your infrastructure and recommends next steps to strengthen your pervasive encryption and data security posture.
  • Lab Services recently worked with a European bank that was interested in implementing pervasive encryption to address security regulations. After collecting data onsite, we delivered a findings report detailing the readiness of its hardware, eligibility of its data sets for encryption and the impact on processing speeds.
  • A U.S. state government agency likewise wanted to take advantage of pervasive encryption but needed to understand if there were any gaps in its existing infrastructure. The Pervasive Encryption Readiness Assessment gave it a tailored implementation plan aligned to IBM best practices so it could move forward with pervasive encryption confidently. 
Cloud adoption and integration
For businesses looking to deploy a multicloud infrastructure for transactions, systems of record and application workloads, IBM Systems Lab Services can help deploy hybrid cloud solutions and OpenStack-based cloud management services for IBM Z, LinuxONE, storage and networking.
  • A global insurance business wanted to enable its IBM Z platform for cloud and invited Lab Services to help plan and launch its private cloud. The IBM Z cloud implementation was successful, and cloud automation significantly reduced the time to delivery of its servers.
  • A Japanese telecommunication company needed to replace its existing infrastructure with a highly available, flexible platform and opted for a solution of IBM Z with an IBM private hybrid cloud solution. Lab Services presented a methodology for migrating to the cloud solution, giving the company confidence in how to go about its infrastructure transformation to an IBM Z cloud environment.
LinuxONE Jump Start 
For those who are new to IBM LinuxONE, Lab Services’ Jump Start service provides deployment assistance and skills training for your IT team covering initial planning, setup, and deployment. That means faster, easier deployment with the help of a LinuxONE expert who works onsite with your team.
  • A rapidly growing Vietnamese bank was facing a host of challenges with its existing hardware and decided to move to IBM LinuxONE. With the help of Lab Services’ Jump Start service, it was able to quickly get on board with new hardware that can scale to meet its growth needs.
  • A Mexican financial institution was in the process of making substantial hardware and software changes to help with security regulation compliance, and it had decided to move from a competing solution to LinuxONE. Our team worked side by side with the company to install and configure its new servers, getting it up and running quickly and providing skills training to help it get the most from its new infrastructure. 
These are just a few examples of the ways IBM Systems Lab Services can help you get the most from your IBM Z and LinuxONE investments—and quickly. Our IBM Z and LinuxONE consultants can help you build a smarter, more secure infrastructure foundation. If your business is looking for IBM Z and LinuxONE support, contact Lab Services today at You can also learn more about z15 and LinuxONE at future TechU conferences.
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