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IBM Z Hardware Management Console YouTube Videos

IBM Z Hardware Management Console YouTube videos provide task-centered visual instructions to complement existing documentation.

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Our IBM Z Hardware Management Console (HMC) customers wanted a quick way to learn about some of the latest HMC features. In response, we created some YouTube videos, which provide task-centered visual instructions to complement the documentation we already provide.

Currently, users of the HMC can access the help system from the console. In addition, this same information is provided in PDF and EPUB format on Resource Link. The PDF and EPUB formats are convenient for searching for certain tasks or specific content and are portable forms of documentation. While this information is vital, sometimes a tutorial can better help a customer see how a task is used and works.

Driven by user feedback, we've developed YouTube videos, which can be found here.

The following HMC topics are currently available on our YouTube channel:
  1. HMC dashboard and management. In these videos, you’ll learn about the HMC dashboard (tree style user interface) and how to configure and use data replication across IBM Z HMCs.
  2. Access and security. The User Management task was introduced in HMC Version 2.13.0 (IBM z13) and replaced previous tasks (Customize User Controls, Manage Enterprise Directory Server Definitions, Manage Users Wizard, Password Profiles, User ID Patterns, User Profiles and User Templates). These videos provide an overview of the user management dashboard, which includes how to create or modify a user, create or modify a role, or set up multifactor authentication. You will also learn how to work with certificate management on the IBM Z HMC.
  3. HMC Mobile. This video introduces IBM HMC Mobile for Z and LinuxONE. Introduced with HMC Version 2.14.0 (IBM z14), the app (iOS and Android) enables users to stay connected to their enterprise from anywhere in the world. Users can keep watch over all their systems and partitions and receive alerts when messages or status changes occur.
  4. Manage System Time (STP). The new Manage System Time task, which is the focus in this section, was introduced for HMC Version 2.14.0 (IBM z14). It replaces the Sysplex (System) Time task. This new task presents a user-etched graphical view of their timing network. The videos illustrate how to get familiar with the single point of management of coordinated timing networks (CTNs) for your systems, add or remove systems from a CTN, modify an assigned server role for systems in a CTN, set up new and deconfigure existing CTNs, or configure an external time source for any system within a CTN.
  5. Dynamic Partition Manager. The Dynamic Partition Manage (DPM) enablement was made available in HMC Version 2.13.0 (IBM z13). These videos introduce using the IBM Z HMC to manage DPM-enabled systems. They also explain how to start and stop partitions, create and modify active partitions, or monitor systems and partition resources on a DPM-enabled system.
As the HMC features grow and improve, we will continue to expand our YouTube playlist to assist you in understanding new and exciting concepts.    
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