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What's New in IBM Support?

IBM Senior Software Engineer John C. Shebey III explains the recent transformations in IBM Support.

IBM Senior Software Engineer John C. Shebey III explains the recent transformations in IBM Support.

Q: What’s new in IBM Support?

IBM Support is undergoing a major transformation, both on the client side and on the agent side, to provide a more seamless and improved client support experience.

The new IBM Support Portal leverages the deep knowledge and cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson* to promote self-help and to enable a more efficient client experience. Watson helps clients search through an extensive knowledge base to quickly find the most relevant content and solutions. 

Clients can even converse with the Watson Chatbot to try to find a solution to their issue. If the Chatbot is unable to resolve the problem, it gives the client an opportunity to chat with a live agent (if available), or it helps the client open a case, copying the relevant information from the Chatbot into the case.  

When opening a case, a
Watson-based question assistant helps guide the client in providing the right details about the problem. Not only can these detailed problem descriptions save back-and-forth dialogue between the client and the agent, but they can also be used by Watson as part of its cognitive routing capability to route the case to the right product area. These benefits help expedite problem resolution.

On the agent side, IBM Support is migrating from a legacy-based system to the Watson-based Cognitive Support Platform (CSP). CSP takes advantage of Watson to help arm agents with knowledge content (both internal and external) that’s relevant to the reported issue, allowing them to more efficiently solve the case. 

CSP also uses Watson insights to provide agents with a prioritized view of cases, so that agents don’t have to spend time reading through all of the cases to determine which case to work on next. This helps optimize the agent’s time and ensures that the most critical cases get the most immediate attention. Agents can even exploit CSP’s cognitive assignment functionality, which analyzes details provided in cases and assigns cases to the agents with the most expertise in that area. The Watson Language Translator is also integrated within CSP and helps facilitate the language translation of textual case updates.

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