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z/OS V2.4 Delivers Innovation

The IBM z/OS V2.4 operating system delivers innovation through an agile, optimized, and resilient platform that helps companies build applications and services.

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Enterprises are turning to digital transformation to address new business challenges, reach new markets and deliver new value to clients. Addressing new business opportunities demands effective orchestration of technologies such as cloud, analytics, cognitive computing, mobile and the Internet of Things to enable new internal and external client experiences.
Business success will be predicated on embracing agility, optimization and resiliency:
  • Agility in the adoption of new technologies in DevOps, microservices and consumption models that are delivered as a service to accelerate their time to value for the business
  • Optimization through the ability to run computing workloads in the most efficient environment
  • Resiliency to deliver continuity of business services through exploitation of functions such as encryption and high availability
These factors, in combination, provide the ability to deliver results on demand and without interruption, which is critical to creating and maintaining a highly satisfying client experience.
The IBM z/OS V2.4 operating system delivers innovation through an agile, optimized, and resilient platform that helps companies build applications and services based on a highly scalable and secure infrastructure that provides the performance and availability for on-premise or provisioned as-a-service workloads, enabling businesses to digitally transform. 
IBM is helping businesses unleash the rich application development talent they possess by enabling new application development processes and optimizing existing application investments in new and innovative ways. This is being done while providing the application-level resiliency and security that companies have come to expect from IBM Z.  z/OS V2.4 delivers the following capabilities to accomplish this:
  • IBM z/OS Container Extensions (zCX). An exciting new capability, zCX enables the ability to run almost any Linux on IBM Z Docker container in z/OS alongside existing z/OS applications and data without a separate provisioned Linux server. This extends the strategic software stack on z/OS as developers can build new, containerized applications, using Docker and Linux skills and patterns, and deploy them on z/OS, without requiring any z/OS skills. Data centers can in turn operate popular open-source packages, Linux applications, IBM software and third-party software together with z/OS applications and data, leveraging industry standard skills. Companies can optimize developing and running their applications in their most efficient environment with faster time to value as business demands grown thereby protecting existing infrastructure investment.
  • IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS, IBM z/OS Cloud Broker and IBM Cloud Storage Access for z/OS Data. Businesses can more easily integrate z/OS into their private and multicloud environments with improvements that deliver a more robust, easy to use and highly available implementation using IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS, IBM z/OS Cloud Broker and IBM Cloud Storage Access for z/OS Data.
  • Enhancements that simplify and modernize the z/OS environment. These enhancements provide a better user experience and improved productivity by reducing the level of IBM Z specific skills that are required to maintain z/OS, eliminating and automating various activities with the z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) and improving usability of System Display and Search Facility (SDSF). 
  • Ongoing industry-wide simplification improvements. These improvements are designed to help clients install and configure software using a common and modern method. Installation improvements range from the packaging of software through the configuration so that faster time to value can be realized throughout the enterprise.
  • IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS. This tool provides enhancements to simplify data analysis by combining open-source runtimes and libraries with analysis of z/OS data at its source, reducing data movement and increasing the value of insights gained from leveraging current data. These improvements are intended to further enhance the data analytics ecosystem in IBM Z and leverage industry standard skills and tools to quickly develop insights for improved time to value.
  • Enhancements to security and data protection on the system, with an upgraded level of OpenSSH, namely OpenSSH 7.6p1, which provides support for new industry cryptography. z/OS continues to drive pervasive encryption by giving users the ability to encrypt data without application changes and simplify the task of compliance. A new RACF capability improves management of access and privileges. 
z/OS V2.4 runs on these IBM Z platforms:
  • IBM z14 Models M01-M05
  • IBM z14 Model ZR1
  • IBM z13
  • IBM z13s
  • IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12)
  • IBM zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12) 
Companies need technologies that are agile, optimized to their business needs and resilient to allow them to build an IT infrastructure that can respond quickly to change while reducing cost and driving profit. z/OS is designed to help companies keep applications and data available, system resources secure, server utilization high and programming environments agile while maintaining compatibility for existing applications and running newer Linux on IBM Z Docker containers. With investment protection coupled with leading qualities of service, z/OS provides solution longevity and is an agile, optimized, and resilient foundation for enterprises to digitally transform their business.
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