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A Look at IBM’s PartnerWorld Offerings

This post is the third is a series on ISVs, service providers, the Dallas ISV Center offerings, PartnerWorld and the IBM Global Solutions Directory.

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This post is the third is a series on ISVs, service providers, the Dallas ISV Center offerings, PartnerWorld and the IBM Global Solutions Directory. This week, I want to focus on IBM’s PartnerWorld. There is plenty of IBM Z to explore in the IBM PartnerWorld program. 

What Is PartnerWorld? 

In simplest terms, IBM PartnerWorld is a program developed for any business that wants to partner with IBM to resell, develop or implement solutions that leverage IBM products. The PartnerWorld associates come from companies small and large that sell IBM to those that use it.  Partners range from traditional resellers to new, cloud-native companies. Partner skillsets span from solution architects to deployment experts and everybody in between, including project managers, system integration experts, system programmers and developers. 
There are many advantages to being a partner, including access to the IBM portfolio and training and support from IBM. Partners apply the uniqueness and strengths of their solution or service to the IBM software and hardware environment that provides the platform you rely upon. Differentiating their business from the competition necessities innovation, acceleration and the right partnership. With IBM as their partner, associates have access to unrivalled expertise, cutting-edge solutions and program benefits that enhance their product or service. The IBM PartnerWorld program provides multiple paths to a successful partnership.

What Kind of Partners are There?

Lets focus on resellers, developers and implementers.
For Resellers
Resellers are invited to design a comprehensive, integrated solution from IBM’s product portfolio. The reseller catalog features many products, solutions and services including:
  • Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Collaboration and talent solutions
  • IT infrastructure
  • Security
  • Services
  • Financing
  • Watson Customer Engagement
  • Watson Health
  • Watson Financial Services
  • Watson Internet of Things
Each of these portfolio items above is an area worthy of exploration. Each portfolio contains one or more product and is organized in a way that makes selling and pricing straightforward. For example, partners resell security software-as-a-service solutions including:
  • MaaS360: Mobile device management for endpoints, end users and everything in between
  • Guardium Analyzer: Minimize risk, protect sensitive data from threats and adapt seamlessly to changes
  • QRadar on Cloud: Adopt security information and event management (SIEM) as a service and focus resources on monitoring threats and insider attacks 
For Developers
Developers are invited to explore, develop and test on IBM platforms with wide-ranging capabilities. To help partners grow, IBM provides tools at Think.Build.Grow. The IBM site provides a helpful roadmap to explore the resources available depending on your stage in the six phases explored on the site: 
  1. Think and design  
  2. Explore technology  
  3. Business plan  
  4. Build  
  5. Sell 
  6. Grow
For Implementers 
Implementation partners are invited to implement and deploy their IBM-based solutions with IBM’s reliable infrastructures. Getting started begins with an embedded solution agreement (ESA) to integrate IBM products and services with a partner solution.
The ESA allows partners to make use of IBM’s cutting-edge technology with open standards and combine it with their intellectual property so they can deliver a total solution under their brand, terms and conditions. ESAs are ideal for technology partners looking to sell their own solutions built with IBM technology because they provide reduced development costs and increased profits with flexible pricing.

What Kind of Training Is Available?

Business partners receive the tools and training to excel in their industry. Whether a newly registered or a platinum member, there are many opportunities to learn new skills and sharpen the ones they have already acquired. IBM provides a skills gateway for PartnerWorld members that provides access to the same courses and roadmaps that IBM provides their own IBM sellers to build partner sales and marketing technical skills.  

What’s Next?

Next week, I’ll finish with an exploration of the Global Solutions Directory. In the context of the Global Solutions Directory, the term “solution” refers to all types of products and services provided by IBM business partners.  
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