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2018 ECC Conference

Marist College, with collaboration and support from academic and industry partners and sponsors, will host the 10th annual Enterprise Computing Community conference.

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The purpose of this post is to make you aware that Marist College, with collaboration and support from academic and industry partners and sponsors, will host the 10th annual Enterprise Computing Community conference. This year’s conference is June 17-June 19. Registration is still open but will likely reach the 300-person limit soon. The conference has two themes: disruptive technologies in the enterprise and the Internet of Things.

Several featured speakers will give talks to the assembled conference whereas others will give 30- or 40-minute talks in concurrent sessions where you pick one from three choices. The conference/featured speakers include:

Donald J. Duet, president and COO of and senior advisor for McKinsey Corporation. Don is an accomplished leader in successfully developing and executing business and technology strategy.

Irving Wladawsky-Berger, emeritus, IBM and visiting faculty, MIT. Since retiring from IBM, Dr. Wladawsky-Berger has been a strategic adviser on digital strategy and innovation at Citigroup, at HBO and at Mastercard. He has also been writing a weekly blog,, since 2005; in April of 2012 he became a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal.

Markus van Kempen, executive architect and venture capitalist, IBM. Markus is a venture capitalist within IBM Corporate Strategy at CHQ. He is responsible for working across IBM to design, develop and support proof of concept proposals with IBM teams and customers.  

Todd Christner, CEO and founder, TWENTYSEVEN SEVENTEEN. As a transformational executive with keen foresight, demonstrated out-of-the box thinking and imagination, Todd has an impressive history of surpassing ambitious business goals and delivering revolutionary enterprise technology innovations to real estate, sports, entertainment and government clients.  

Tony Sager, SVP and CTO, Commercial Markets BlackRidge Technology. Tony Sager is a senior product development executive and CTO with extensive experience in communications, networking, virtualization, big data and servers.  

In my experience, the featured speakers have been great. They generally motivate me to reach for new challenges. I leave the big tent full of ideas that fuel me for months going forward.

Concurrent Sessions
The keynote/featured speakers give keynotes, big tent sessions, whereas 27 other speakers will present their talks in smaller venues able to handle up to 75 attendees. There are nine concurrent speaking slots throughout Monday and Tuesday, providing the opportunity to choose from 27 different fast-moving sessions. Here are two examples of the concurrent sessions, one each for Monday and Tuesday.

Monday, 11:20 a.m.-noon:

1. Chris Boehm, CA Technologies: “CLIs and DevOps–The Secret Sauce to a Brighter Mainframe”
2. Paul Cronan, David Douglas, University of Arkansas: “The First Academic Blockchain Center of Excellence: The University of Arkansas Story”
3. Casimer DeCusatis, Marist College: Security Operations Center (SOC) demonstration

Tuesday, 11 a.m.-11:30 a.m.:

1. Brian Contos, Verodin: “The Industrialization of Red and Blue Teaming”
2. Misty Decker, IBM: “But Wait, There’s More! The IBM Z Academic Initiative”
3. Brian Gormanly, Marist College: “Pirates Say AR! The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Augmented Reality”

Why do I attend?
This will be my fourth year attending the conference. I appreciate the mix of people at the conference that includes professors, executives, practitioners and company representatives. I enjoy networking with others and Marist is a great place to visit. It’s a beautiful campus and the dean and entire staff are completely focused on making the conference a success. It is a special annual event that I hope continues for a very long time. I am doing my best to give it the support it deserves. By the way, I have a speaking slot on Tuesday titled “Thought Leadership from the Trend z Blog, IBM Systems Magazines and Destination z.”
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