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z/OS Data Migration: Helping Clients Avoid Risk and Downtime

IBM data migration software and IBM Lab Services help address common migration challenges.

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Organizations undertake data migrations for many reasons: a technology refresh, infrastructure optimization, consolidation of servers and storage, or data center relocation. Those faced with a migration often have a host of concerns about the potential risks, including the possibility of downtime for their business. 

IBM data migration software is available to address common challenges and ease the pain points that clients face with data migration. For IBM Z* clients, IBM offers Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF) for z/OS* and z/OS Data Set Mobility Facility (zDMF) to migrate data while maintaining continuous or nearly continuous system and application availability.  

TDMF and zDMF deliver an essential service for IBM Z environments. But having access to helpful tools isn’t the same as knowing how to use them. 

What are TDMF and zDMF?

TDMF and zDMF enable nondisruptive or nearly nondisruptive data migration so that applications can remain online during data migration execution. TDMF operates at the volume level, while zDMF operates at the data set level. 

Common use case scenarios include:

  • Technology refresh/lease expirations: Users who must migrate existing data from old storage arrays to new storage arrays before the old storage arrays can be removed and/or before maintenance contracts expire
  • Infrastructure change (optimization): Users who have a need to redesign or adjust their storage architecture to improve efficiency and performance, to accommodate new or updated applications, or to align data criticality with storage cost 
  • Consolidations: Users who need to consolidate storage arrays to reduce the storage footprint in their data center. Or environments experiencing UCB constraints that have a need to consolidate many smaller volumes into fewer larger volumes. 
  • Relocation: Users who need to migrate z/OS data from one or several existing data centers into one data center location. TDMF is often the solution of choice when a data center relocation is required for a remote distance migration using TCP/IP. This is especially true in a multivendor storage environment.   

What Is the Value of This Software?

In addition to helping IBM Z clients undergo data migrations with little or no downtime, TDMF and zDMF support the business imperatives of minimizing risk, protecting data integrity and ensuring regulatory compliance.  

Do-it-yourself alternatives typically require manual effort and run the risk of data integrity exposures, lengthy project durations and costly business disruption.  

Moreover, TDMF and zDMF can migrate data no matter which vendor’s storage it's currently allocated to. This is possible because TDMF and zDMF are both host-based migration tools, which means that as long as the z/OS host can “see” the volumes, TDMF and zDMF can migrate the data. In other words, TDMF and zDMF can migrate data in heterogeneous z/OS storage environments.

What Does IBM Systems Lab Services Bring to the Table?

IBM Systems Lab Services offers z/OS data migration services to support clients with TDMF for z/OS and zDMF migrations. It bring decades of experience to help clients migrate data more efficiently, minimizing risk, with reduced complexity, on time and within budget, and is uniquely equipped to support IBM Z clients’ data migrations while mitigating their fears of risk and downtime. The subject matter experts (SMEs) have executed over 2,500 data migrations in more than 800 companies around the world.

In addition to data migration services, IBM Systems Lab Services consultants and SMEs have proven expertise on all aspects of planning, designing, building, implementing and customizing your IBM Storage infrastructure.     

IBM Storage services consultants have expertise in IBM storage infrastructure planning, object storage, IBM Spectrum storage management, IBM FlashSystem, IBM DS8000 series storage, and IBM Storage for data-driven multicloud architectures and AI workloads. 

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