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Learn How to Provide Customers With Data Privacy and Security at Think 2020

Priya Doty, vice president of Product Marketing for IBM Z and LinuxONE, highlights how you can gain protection and privacy insights at Think 2020.

Priya Doty stands on the rooftop of the global headquarters of IBM Watson in Manhattan.

Priya Doty stands on the rooftop of the global headquarters of IBM Watson in Manhattan, Image by HollenderX2

The data protection and privacy landscape is becoming more complex—as are organizations’ IT infrastructures and challenges. The data-breach threat still looms large: 59% of businesses experienced a data breach caused by a vendor or third party in 20181

Consumers have grown more concerned with the privacy of their data, as have regulators. In 2019, many fines were levied related to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations. An IBM and The Harris Poll study found that almost all consumer respondents (94%) agree that businesses should do more to protect their privacy2.

Clearly the pendulum is swinging toward more privacy and protection of personal data. How can you deliver this for your customers?

Gain Protection and Privacy Insights at Think 2020

Join IBM May 4-7, 2020, in San Francisco for Think 2020 and discover how to solve these privacy and protection challenges. Whether you’re a CTO, a systems architect or an IT manager, you’ll gain insights to help you protect valuable data and mitigate threats. Sessions, tech talks and hands-on labs delivered by industry thought leaders will help you build a powerful, integrated data protection strategy for your organization.

Here are some key data protection and privacy insights you’ll gain at Think 2020:

Address Data Protection and Privacy Challenges With Data-Centric Protection

Much of your customers’ data lives in the public cloud and is shared with your business partners. Consumer mandates for data privacy and protection wherever their data lives require the extension of enterprise-level security beyond your data center’s on-premises architecture. This requires data-centric audit and protection (DCAP), protecting information at the data level rather than broadly at the IT infrastructure level.

At Think 2020, you’ll discover how IBM Data Privacy Passports (, a leading-edge DCAP solution available on the IBM z15* ( enterprise platform, empowers you to build customer trust by keeping data private and secured wherever it goes. 

Data Privacy Passports enables encryption everywhere. By enforcing data privacy by policy even when the data leaves your data center, the solution extends IBM Z* ( enterprise-class protection to data from other sources. The solution enables you to enforce the appropriate use of data across private, public and hybrid clouds at the data level, all without impacting system performance. Trusted Data Objects (TDO), a vital component of Data Privacy Passports, protects data wherever it goes through data-centric protection that moves with the data—even with unauthorized copies.

Data Privacy Passports also simplifies compliance and data management. The solution lets you establish and enforce an enterprise-wide data privacy policy where different views of data are surfaced to different users based on their need to know. With Data Privacy Passports, you can also track the data from point of origin to point of consumption and simplify data management with Embedded Key Management.

Ensure Secure Application Delivery With IBM Hyper Protect Services and IBM Cloud Paks

At Think 2020, you’ll discover how IBM Z solutions can enable secure application delivery ( IBM Hyper Protect Services ( can help your cloud-native application developers easily build “hyper secured” applications containing highly sensitive data. These services give customers complete authority over sensitive data and associated workloads while helping meet regulatory compliance requirements. 

The Hyper Protect portfolio includes services that provide complete data confidentiality and full workload protection. They also allow you to “Keep Your Own Key” for data encryption. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, IBM Hyper Protect Services can help you build superior cloud solutions that your customers can trust.

At Think 2020, you can also explore IBM Cloud Paks* ( offerings on IBM Z and LinuxONE* ( These offerings bring industry-leading security and resiliency to help you adopt hybrid multicloud for mission-critical workloads. 

With the containerized capabilities of IBM Cloud Paks, you can develop and modernize applications using common tools across platforms, streamline delivery of applications and services, and access data anywhere. You’ll also enhance data protection with an extensive set of security capabilities ( from IBM’s market-leading security portfolio.

5 More Reasons to Attend Think 2020

At Think 2020, you’ll discover how IBM Z capabilities ( help you exceed customer expectations for privacy and protection. You can also:

  1. Be among the first to hear the latest announcements and enhancements to IBM Z that will increase the value you get from the platform
  2. See how the latest security capabilities of IBM Z help you meet customer demands for data privacy and protection
  3. Meet one on one with IBM experts and executives to address your unique security challenges
  4. Get inspiration from your peers as they share insights and success stories
  5. Obtain skills and certifications to stay at the top of your field

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