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IBM’s PowerCare rewards program has been transformed to accompany the new release of the Cloud model of IBM Power Systems* servers. The new Power to Cloud Rewards Program (ibm.co/2px7Bar) keeps the core enterprise services offerings of the original PowerCare program, but with a refined focus on helping clients implement private cloud. Clients earn points when they purchase the 850C, 870C and 880C models, which can then be redeemed for a range of service offerings from IBM Lab Services. Cloud services options can be redeemed at a 25-percent point discount.

Cloud services options include:

  • Design for cloud provisioning and automation
  • Build infrastructure as a service for private cloud
  • Build cloud capacity pools across data centers
  • Deliver with automation for DevOps
  • Design for hybrid cloud workshop
  • Deliver with database as a service

Additional enterprise services options are available for clients migrating to POWER8* or for those that have already deployed a cloud solution. These include:

  • Migration to POWER8
  • Security
  • Availability and performance

Private Cloud Focus

IBM’s Power to Cloud Rewards Program has been designed to help clients accelerate the transformation of their IT infrastructure to private and hybrid cloud.

“We’ve changed the rewards program to focus on helping clients make the transformation to private cloud, for example, to enable them to offer infrastructure and database as a service,” explains Ian Jarman, Power Systems business unit executive, IBM Systems Lab Services.

The redemption period for Power to Cloud Rewards has been extended to one year to give companies greater flexibility in scheduling the implementation of new systems. It also encourages them to reap the benefits of the innovation value as soon as possible. “Most companies purchase IT equipment on a three-year cycle, so we are keen for our clients to benefit from the innovation value within the first year,” Jarman explains.

IBM Systems Lab Services

Many components and services are available through the Power to Cloud Rewards Program, including access to the IBM Systems Lab Services consulting team. These highly experienced IBM consultants have extensive expertise in implementing technology in myriad client settings. Clients who have accrued 10,000 points can book their services for one week, and those with 20,000 points can have them for two weeks.

“IBM’s Lab Services team consists of consultants with proven expertise. They work on site with clients implementing new technologies, helping them with best practices and transferring their skills,” Jarman says. “IBM Lab Services’ aim is to facilitate and enable the client to be more productive with the new technology they have purchased.”

The Lab Services team can impart many skills, including showing clients how to utilize both private and hybrid clouds to maximize efficiency and drive innovation. A private cloud can enable an IT operations team to set up self-service provisioning to improve their turnaround times for requests from a DevOps team. The DevOps teams are given freedom within controlled boundaries to provision the infrastructure and software they need to develop and test new apps and iterate them, while the IT operations team retains ultimate control.

Juliet Stott is a freelance journalist based in York, England.

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