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Powering the Cloud
Illustration by Andy Potts

Cloud Services to Help You Transform

IBM offers a range of services to help organizations with their digital transformation and cloud objectives. For instance, clients can tap into the consulting expertise of IBM Lab Services to learn from best practices Lab Services has garnered from helping hundreds of thousands of IBM customers.

Further, clients looking to jump-start their digital transformation can implement several prebuilt, rapid-start cloud deployment services from IBM such as design for cloud provisioning and automation, build for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), deliver Database as a Service (DBaaS) and design for hybrid cloud with IBM Bluemix.

Any client purchasing an Enterprise Cloud System can access one or more of the Cloud Services offerings at no cost via the IBM Power to Cloud program. As part of this program, those building private clouds can access services including:

  • Design for cloud provisioning and automation. IBM will examine a client’s private cloud requirement and create a blueprint for the Power Systems cloud solutions that best fit the client’s needs.
  • Build IaaS private cloud enablement. IBM will use an IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager solution to implement a plan developed with the client.
  • Build Cloud capacity pools across data centers. IBM will assist clients to configure and use the capabilities of IBM Power Enterprise Pools as well as the Power Systems Capacity on Demand features.
  • Delivery with automation for DevOps. IBM will implement a DevOps solution that uses automation of software packages, patches, security and compliance settings.

For hybrid cloud deployments, IBM’s services include:

  • Design for hybrid cloud workshop with Bluemix Connector. The Bluemix Design Workshop will examine a client’s hybrid cloud requirements and develop a blueprint for an applications using Bluemix Connector.
  • Deliver with DBaaS. IBM will implement a DBaaS solution for DB2*, Oracle or an open-source database management system based on a plan developed with the client. This solution uses the PowerVC Implementation service and can be done on premise or in the IBM Cloud.

If cloud is in your organization’s current or future plans, IBM Power Systems can help you create a robust, flexible deployment. IBM’s hardware, software, support, services and incentives programs can assist your business in achieving its digital transformation goals.

Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at savage.shirley@comcast.net.



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