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Powering the Cloud
Illustration by Andy Potts

The Latest Cloud Models

IBM released two enhanced Power Systems servers that enable organizations to move to the cloud quickly and economically. These new models can host many data-intensive and mission-critical workloads.

The C Models are built for enterprise deployments and have been optimized to provide seamless cloud delivery, security, availability, flexibility and control. They also can help clients reduce costs due to the raw processing power of the POWER8 chip and lower per core licensing costs. IBM calculates that these servers can reduce operating costs by up to 50 percent.

The LC Models offer scale-out servers to build and deliver cloud-native data and analytics service using Linux OS. Their form factor allows clients to boost processing power by adding servers as demand increases.

Both the C and LC Models provide a solid foundation for hybrid and on-premise cloud services and applications. In addition, IBM is partnering with many open-source vendors and cloud-management tool providers to help clients get up and running with their cloud deployments as quickly as possible. Examples include tools from IBM and VMware, container management from IBM and Docker, and OpenStack distributions from Canonical and Mirantis. Clients can also choose from several hundred automation scripts provided by Puppet, Chef, JuJu, Ansible and Murano as well as thousands of open-source packages. The choice is yours.

Integrating with APIs

The advent of cloud deployments has given rise to the creation of APIs that allow applications to be integrated across the technology borders of organizations. APIs support operations between suppliers, partners, customer-facing transactions and inter-cloud applications.

APIs are an alternative to the traditional enterprise service bus technologies. Organizations of all sizes are moving forward with APIs. EMA survey respondents reported that the number of transactions accessing their API platforms was increasing by 10 to 19 percent each month. This rapid growth is another reason for organizations to invest in IBM Power Systems, EMA contends. API connect services are available as a product—with free community editions in most cases—from IBM or a service from IBM Bluemix.

More Cloud Differentiators

Because IBM focuses on growing the cloud ecosystem, clients have a broad array of partners to tap into for cloud. This includes more than 250 OpenPOWER members, over 2,500 Linux ISVs developing applications on Power Systems, more than 30 reference configurations for solutions and over 100,000 open-source packages that can be run on Power Systems.

IBM’s growth programs help clients reap cloud’s benefits. Existing IBM Power Systems clients who wish to upgrade to POWER8 processor-based systems can choose a number of incentives. These include investment protection for clients that are exchanging legacy technology for enterprise-class POWER8 processor-based systems and may include up to 12 months of complimentary access to IBM Cloud. The Power to Cloud Rewards Program helps clients design, build and deploy cloud platforms on POWER*. Through IBM partnerships with ISVs, the RapidBuild Program helps clients quickly launch mission-critical applications in their cloud environment of choice.

Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at savage.shirley@comcast.net.



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