Sponsored Advertising Content: Business Continuity: A Place to Start Your Cloud Journey

When organizations start having the cloud discussion, it can be a daunting topic and task. The term “cloud” has many different interpretations, and your business will ultimately dictate what variation makes the most sense.

Incorporating cloud in your business is not all or nothing, and several entry points exist that are easier than others. A strong case can be made for data backup and disaster recovery when considering cloud starting points.

  1. No need to drastically change anything related to your production environment. Cloud backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) are designed to protect production as it is today.
  2. Cloud backup allows you to avoid training employees on tape operations or pay maintenance on tape systems.
  3. DRaaS provides a fully managed recovery environment that requires no upfront investment in hardware and provides a plan to execute recovery.

When considering how cloud plays a role in your organization, it is best to start slow and determine where the most impact can be made with the lowest risk. Cloud backup and DRaaS provide just that.

Matt Paterini
Regional director, UCG Technologies

Matt brings youth and experience from IBM to UCG Technologies, where he helps clients develop data protection solutions for their business.