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Cloudy With a Chance of Revenue

How cloud could expand business for consumers and providers

How cloud could expand business for consumers and providers
Illustration by Chris Gall

Cloud computing is ready to transform your organization and your business strategy by expanding your capabilities beyond current computing constraints. Are you ready for what cloud can deliver?

With some careful planning and analysis, your organization can begin incorporating cloud into your strategy and operations and reap the benefits. Using pilot projects, you’ll gain knowledge about cloud and discover how to apply it to the appropriate parts of your business. Instead of being an esoteric concept, cloud can become an integral part of your business strategy.

You may already be familiar with some cloud concepts since the technology isn’t completely new. “From a technology perspective, cloud is a concept we’ve been using in one form or another at least over the last decade,” says Matthew R. Porta, vice president and global leader, Technology Strategy Practice, IBM Global Business Services. “However, from a business-model perspective, we’re now at an inflection point with cloud.”

“For a company pressured to deploy new services faster, cloud can be used in some cases to maintain survival and compete more effectively.” —Allison B. Botros, principal managing consultant, IBM Global Business Services

Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at savage.shirley@comcast.net.

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