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Cloud provides new opportunities for organizations: It has changed business models for companies, including how software and hardware purchases are made. In response to these changes as well as client requests, IBM announced a consumption model for AIX* software purchases.

AIX Monthly Pricing, which was launched in March, is being well received by clients, says Jennifer Monk Lin, senior offering manager, AIX. The monthly pricing offering helps clients optimize their purchasing models.

The monthly pricing offering reflects how organizations have changed their accounting methods for software.

“It’s an important move for IBM because we want to make sure that our clients can shift some of their software spend to operational expense, rather than capital expense. We want to make sure that IBM has price models that align with that,” Lin says.

How It Works

AIX Monthly Pricing offers clients the ability to purchase AIX Standard Edition software licenses for each virtual processor core on a monthly basis. Previously, clients could only purchase the software for each processor core as a perpetual license. While perpetual licenses still exist, clients now can choose the best option for their organizations.

The monthly license entitles a client to run the AIX software for the month purchased. The monthly price includes software maintenance and support. It’s important to note the AIX software clients purchase under the monthly option isn’t a reduced version. “It’s the full AIX that you are used to. It has the same amazing performance, minimal downtime and robust security,” Lin adds.

The monthly pricing option is only available on the Small Tier classified servers (E850C and smaller), but isn’t tied to any specific hardware. Clients can purchase hardware separately and however they choose. “Instead of being tied to a prescribed machine, you have the ability to select hardware based on your business model and the needs of your client base. You also have choice in acquisition whether that’s via a partner or utilizing tools like IBM Global Financing,” she says.

Client Benefits

The AIX monthly option offers many benefits for end clients as well as managed service providers (MSPs).

Clients that have seasonal workloads, such as retailers, can ramp up capabilities as the market or season demands. DevOps is another use case that is well suited to the consumption model. “Clients who need to test a change to their database may need a couple of additional LPARs for just a few months. This option gives them the freedom to get the extra resources they need and only pay for what they will use,” Lin explains.

This pricing model adds flexibility to any organization operating hybrid cloud environments or utilizing cloud services. Clients and partners who are starting an IBM Power Systems* hosting practice of their own will be interested in the monthly model as they will incur lower operational risk to enter the cloud market.

Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at savage.shirley@comcast.net.

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