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Walt Ling on the IBM Centennial Celebration

Trends | VP Walt Ling comments on IBM Rochester's contribution to the company as it celebrates IBM's 100th anniversary.

July 2011

Without Sight, a Visionary Leader

Web Exclusive | Chieko Asakawa connects disabled users to the Web

June 2011

Smarter College

Web Exclusive | Students globally will improve cities, health and transit

May 2011

Greening New York Schools

Web Exclusive | IBM tool empowers custodians and kids to shrink carbon footprints

April 2011

$3 Million Health Data Contest

Web Exclusive | Can an algorithm prevent unneeded hospital stays?

March 2011

The Power of Watson

Features | POWER7 shines in the man-vs.-machine ‘Jeopardy!’ challenge

March 2011

What is a Grand Champion?

Cover Story | The story behind Watson and how its DeepQA architecture answers more questions than it poses

March 2011

Watson Viewing Party

Trends |

February 2011

Emerging Details

Web Exclusive | IDC’s Minton untangles developing markets

January 2011

Technology’s Gifts

Web Exclusive | Seven charities that innovate for good

December 2010



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