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Switching off Waste

Trends | Switching off Waste Project Steeper aims to drastically cut transistor energy use

March 2011

The Crime Fighters

Trends | How police departments use advanced analytics to keep people safe

February 2011

Safely Concealed

Trends | IBM Identity Mixer is poised to change how Web users reveal personal data

January 2011

Ups and Downs

Trends | IBM and Stanford University push spintronics to smaller levels

December 2010

Reading the Code

Trends | IBM Research strives to bring DNA sequencing into the doctor’s office

October 2010

Dynamic Memories

Trends | DRAM inventor Robert Dennard talks about the technology’s beginnings and computing’s future

September 2010

Electrifying Advances

Trends |

April 2001

Total Optimization

Trends | IBM goes beyond integration with customized systems

July 2010

A Powerful Force for Science

Trends | IBM's Blue Waters supercomputer will clear research barriers

July 2010

Tape Breakthrough

Trends | A capacity leap means tape is here for the long haul

June 2010



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