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The Crime Fighters

Trends | How police departments use advanced analytics to keep people safe

February 2011

Safely Concealed

Trends | IBM Identity Mixer is poised to change how Web users reveal personal data

January 2011

Ups and Downs

Trends | IBM and Stanford University push spintronics to smaller levels

December 2010

Reading the Code

Trends | IBM Research strives to bring DNA sequencing into the doctor’s office

October 2010

Dynamic Memories

Trends | DRAM inventor Robert Dennard talks about the technology’s beginnings and computing’s future

September 2010

Electrifying Advances

Trends |

April 2001

Total Optimization

Trends | IBM goes beyond integration with customized systems

July 2010

A Powerful Force for Science

Trends | IBM's Blue Waters supercomputer will clear research barriers

July 2010

Tape Breakthrough

Trends | A capacity leap means tape is here for the long haul

June 2010

Understanding the Natural World

IBM Research’s Ajay Royyuru talks computational biology, human migration patterns and improved patient care

May 2010



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