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Free Radical

Next | How IBM Fellow Grady Booch went from redefining programming to reinventing the future

January 2012

Grady Booch’s Early Years

Web Exclusive |

January 2012

The Scarecrow’s New Brain

Next | IBM’s cognitive-computing research moves technology closer to human thinking

December 2011

Flashing Past Flash

Next | New IBM Research technology promises to change the memory landscape

November 2011

Onward for Science

Next | Supercomputer Mira opens new doors to the future of HPC

October 2011

Making Cities Smarter

Next | IBM helps cities worldwide improve services through technology and social expertise

September 2011

Powerful Research

Next | The EDISON project looks to lower auto emissions and increase renewable-energy use

August 2011

Smarter Messaging

Next | R3 Messaging holds promise as a key technology for Smarter Planet Solutions

July 2011

Custom Made

Next | IBM’s new Cu-32 Custom Logic offering promises system advances and made-to-order chips

June 2011

Trustworthy Clouds

Next | A new project is likely to give cloud users added peace of mind

May 2011



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