TurboCore, Active Memory Expansion and More

Power Systems* servers using POWER7* technology offer balanced system designs that automatically optimize workload performance and capability at either a system or virtual-machine level. The newest features of the POWER7 line include TurboCore*, intelligent threading, Active Memory Expansion* and EnergyScale* technologies.


Switching your POWER7 system into the new TurboCore mode optimizes it for core frequency and cache utilization. It delivers maximum capacity and performance for database and transaction workloads. “Only Power* technology gives you the capability to have the best in transaction processing and the best in throughput computing in one system,” says Jeff Howard, director of marketing, IBM Power Systems. POWER7 technology also provides an intelligent caching capability that lets cache flow from core to core depending on where it’s needed, again optimizing to the workload.

Intelligent Threading

New intelligent threading technology dynamically switches the processor threading mode to deliver optimal performance—either the highest per-thread performance or the maximum system throughput based on application requirements.

Active Memory Expansion

Active Memory Expansion lets you double the memory capacity of the physical memory in your system for workloads such as SAP. It provides some boost to other workload types as well, such as transaction or Web applications. “You might get anywhere from 20 to 40 percent increase in memory in those workloads, but we’ve specifically tuned it for SAP to give you up to two times the amount of memory that’s physically in your system,” Howard says. “And when you combine that with our new solid-state drive capability, it really optimizes the transaction throughput and the I/O operations for hot data and hot pages in the system.”

Intelligent Energy

Anticipated regulations on energy use and carbon footprint make reducing and optimizing energy consumption a key IBM goal. EnergyScale technology and dynamic energy optimization offer significant reductions. Better price/performance helps drive reduced use as well. “Because we now have eight cores per socket, we’re basically delivering you four times the performance in the same footprint and energy envelope that we delivered with POWER6*,” Howard explains. “So, with POWER7, you can have four times the capacity with the same energy bill and the same facility space. Cutting energy by three quarters while having the same performance that you have today is a pretty good deal.”

And More

IBM is also announcing Rational* Developer for Power and Rational Team Concert* for Power, combined packages that support IBM i and offer a statement of direction to include support for AIX*. This will extend the current IBM i development and collaborative change management tools environment with support for AIX developers. Also note that the new POWER7 systems support the DB2* pureScale* technology that provides virtually unlimited capacity with continuous availability for AIX applications.

In addition to these new capabilities, POWER6 customers running AIX* or Linux* who also have PowerVM* Enterprise Edition can leverage Live Partition Mobility to move their applications from POWER6 to POWER7 technology without ever taking their applications down.

“All of these taken together provide a level of both transaction and throughput performance in a single system that no one’s delivered before,” Howard says.

—T. D.