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POWER7 Unveiled

Power your planet with the latest technology and four new servers

Power your planet with the latest technology and four new servers
Illustration by Nick Rotondo

More Capabilities, Easier Choices

In addition to the new systems, IBM has added dynamic new energy-optimization capabilities that let you save energy on the server itself using IBM EnergyScale technologies, and save up to 90 percent of the energy across the range of servers that you’re consolidating into a POWER7 server. Because IBM knows it’s critical that the systems are up and running, the company has also focused on improving resiliency to help companies avoid planned downtime.

“That means not only do we have high availability and the highest reliability in the UNIX market,” Howard says, “but we also provide technologies like PowerHA* high-availability software that allows you to maintain systems without disruption, and now, with PowerVM Live Partition Mobility, you can even do an upgrade from POWER6 to POWER7 without taking your applications down. And that means that you can maintain and upgrade systems without interrupting user applications and service.”

Across all of this, IBM provides a whole new level of management with IBM Systems Director and VMControl*. Systems Director can perform the core platform management and offers plugin capabilities like VMControl to manage virtualization. IBM now delivers Systems Director in three editions to simplify the offering for customers. The Express, Standard and Enterprise editions will be familiar to IBM customers as the designations are used on other IBM products such as PowerVM. The Express Edition is an entry platform-management offering targeted to smaller companies. It then scales with additional management features to Standard and Enterprise editions. Systems Director Enterprise Edition adds enterprise service management features from IBM Tivoli* as well as the capability to manage groups of virtualized servers called system pools as if they were single entities. This provides a level of automation that significantly improves productivity for systems administrators.

“Standardizing our software into editions helps our customers better know what to buy. It’s really about packaging things in a way that’s easy for people to consume and deploy,” Howard says.

Tami Deedrick is the former managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.

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