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POWER7 Unveiled

Power your planet with the latest technology and four new servers

Power your planet with the latest technology and four new servers
Illustration by Nick Rotondo

Changing the Playing Field

“IBM is changing the playing field in the UNIX* market with incredible new price/performance and functionality that really changes what the notion of what UNIX performance means,” Howard says. “And while we obviously are continuing to deliver not only more cores but also—unlike our competitors—more performance per core, we’re doing that with a set of capabilities that are unmatched by anyone in the UNIX market, or the x86 server market for that matter.”

One notable change is that new Power Systems servers built on the POWER7 technology can support up to 1,000 virtual machines with PowerVM*. Along with this increased virtualization scalability, Power Systems servers can deliver levels of energy efficiency unmatched in the industry. EnergyScale* technologies dramatically reduce energy cost and management with automated energy optimization.

“Power Systems servers provide virtualization without limits,” Howard says. That means IBM PowerVM—compared with VMware—can provide up to 32 times the machine size, up to eight times the memory per virtual machine, and a level of flexibility that lets you dynamically add resources to a virtual machine or remove them to flow them to other virtual machines.

“You can have the confidence to drive your systems—as many of our clients do—to utilization levels over 90 percent,” Howard says. High system utilization boosts ROI, especially compared with x86 systems or other UNIX systems from Sun or HP that typically only run in the 15 to 20 percent utilization range.

“This is how you get significant levels of consolidation of 20, 30, even 40 systems or more of the competitor systems on just one Power System server—which helps customers save costs, save resources, save energy, save software and maintenance cost, and save space in their data centers,” he explains.

“You can have four times the capacity with the same energy bill.” —Jeff Howard

Tami Deedrick is the former managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.

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