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User interfaces

Green is good; BYOD might be even better.

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“Green screens, for lack of a better word, are good. Green screens are right, green screens work. Green screens clarify, create value and capture the essence of the innovative spirit. Green screens marked the upward surge of the computing revolution.” Sound familiar? Things might have turned out better for Gordon Gecko in “Wall Street” had he focused on creating value with green screen applications.

From its original design, IBM i had green screens. The 5250 protocol was highly efficient, especially compared to ASCII that sent every keystroke to and from the server. Using the breakthrough command prompting and online help features of the 5250 protocol, developers created millions of successful applications. They provided enormous business value to hundreds of thousands companies. In many cases, they still do.

But nowhere are the benefits of technology change in IBM i more evident than in the user interface of today’s applications. Application modernization now enables rendering the presentation layer to whatever device is needed. Users want to bring their own device to the office—whether a browser, tablet or smartphone. Now, with RPG Open Access, developers can write RPG applications for those devices without 5250. Green is good, but BYOD might be even better.


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