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No, it’s not rebounds per game

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RPG: It’s not rebounds per game or role-playing game or regulation prescription glasses. And no, it’s definitely not ribosomal protein gene. In fact RPG, formerly Report Program Generator, is no longer an acronym at all. To those familiar with it, it's readily acknowledged as perhaps the most efficient programming language ever created for business applications. Period. No further explanation required.

It specializes in very efficient transaction processing. Want to evaluate your oil reservoir rocks and fluids and manage lifetime well flow performance? Forget RPG. Want to track billions of financial transactions or small packages in your banking or distribution systems? RPG excels.

Of course, IBM i also offers COBOL, C/C++, Java, PHP and CL with its Rational Development Tools and fully integrated language environment for business applications. But RPG is the underlying secret sauce for millions of high-performance IBM i transaction-processing applications that businesses rely on all around the world.


The invisibility cloak of complexity

User Groups

We’ve really got a lot in common!


The 36 was from Venus, the 38 from Mars


Shoes that fit every occasion

Single-level storage

Where did I leave my keys?


Hostel or hotel?

Object orientation

May I see your badge, please?

Integrated database

Will you need a bed in your hotel room tonight?


A great idea is new again.

System Integrity

Trust but verify


An application system for business


Anyone for double-byte Ping-Pong?

Business Partners

A freight train needs a track

Lab Services

Want a superstar on your team?


No assembly required

Integrated Middleware

Tricked out or built in?


Welcome to the family!


Red wine with fish, Mr. Bond?


What do IBM i and Watson have in common?

User interfaces

Green is good; BYOD might be even better.


Over a long distance, you learn a lot about the strength of your horse

Automated service

The robocall everyone wants to get


Want something to change? Do it together.

Client success

The Rochester way


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