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Client success

The Rochester way

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Remarkable things result from an exceptional client experience. Remarkable things result when everything you do - from design through development, integration, test, manufacturing and support - is dedicated to the success of your clients. Clients can measure new value for their business. ISVs and business partners see the returns on their investments. Communities grow and are fostered by sharing and interaction. Expectations are exceeded. The bar is raised, only to be cleared again.

Dedication to every client’s success and an exceptional client experience is at the core of the Rochester way. You can walk for miles under one snow-covered roof in Rochester and encounter IBMers from all sides of the company - hardware engineers, software developers, test teams, financial analysts, social media gurus, services and support engineers. Yet, despite the variety of roles and responsibilities, they hold fast to a common thread: Client success comes first.

Rochester IBMers include people from nations and cultures around the world, but they are exponents of reserved Minnesotan values. They have no time for blowhards, but a lot of time for snowblowers. Perhaps that helps explain why no other IBM platform has been more closely associated with a single place than IBM i is with Rochester, Minn. Fittingly, during AS/400 development, the city’s largest body of water became the code name, Silverlake.

Today, Rochester integrates with joint IBM development teams across the globe, including labs in Beijing, Austin, Toronto, Raleigh, Guadalajara, Hursley and more. But the core value that paves the Rochester way–the dedication to every client’s success–remains at the heart of all those responsible for IBM i, and always will.


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