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Automated service

The robocall everyone wants to get

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We all get them, typically during election season, when the phone rings during dinner with a recorded message you don’t want to hear. But imagine a robocall that reported your air conditioner was about to fail during a heat wave and that a service representative has been dispatched. Press 1 to confirm the service call now, or press 2 to be connected to someone who can arrange an alternative time that suits you better. Now, that’s a robocall everyone wants to get!

The bar for IT service and support was reset forever when Electronic Customer Support was built into IBM i. It gives systems the capability to “call home” to report service events, usually before a client is even aware of the problem. For customer-initiated support calls, the IBM Support team responds with a level of problem determination and resolution that has routinely received industry accolades for excellence and is often cited by clients as a primary motivation for their loyalty to the IBM i platform.


The invisibility cloak of complexity

User Groups

We’ve really got a lot in common!


The 36 was from Venus, the 38 from Mars


Shoes that fit every occasion

Single-level storage

Where did I leave my keys?


Hostel or hotel?

Object orientation

May I see your badge, please?

Integrated database

Will you need a bed in your hotel room tonight?


A great idea is new again.

System Integrity

Trust but verify


An application system for business


Anyone for double-byte Ping-Pong?

Business Partners

A freight train needs a track

Lab Services

Want a superstar on your team?


No assembly required


No, it’s not rebounds per game

Integrated Middleware

Tricked out or built in?


Welcome to the family!


Red wine with fish, Mr. Bond?


What do IBM i and Watson have in common?

User interfaces

Green is good; BYOD might be even better.


Over a long distance, you learn a lot about the strength of your horse


Want something to change? Do it together.

Client success

The Rochester way


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