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New Hardware Management Console Runs on POWER, Eliminating Data Center Complexity

For the first time, the software tasked to manage the critical core functions of IBM POWER-based enterprise servers will run on systems based on the POWER architecture. Clients can now utilize a complete POWER stack, with the confidence that comes from relying on a platform designed to run their core enterprise. This eliminates the need to rely on x86-based systems to run HMC functions for IBM Power Systems servers.

Not familiar with the HMC? Essentially, it provides a console for system administrators and service providers to manage Power Systems enterprise hardware, and includes functions such as virtual machine management, hardware condition reporting, resource activation and deactivation, and servicing focal point. It also can work with the IBM Cloud Management Console to aggregate and monitor your Power Systems infrastructure across datacenters. HMCs have been a critical component of Power Systems infrastructure for years, providing key features that enable the reliability, availability and serviceability characteristics the platform is known for.

Now you can choose to deploy a new virtual HMC running in a partition on a managed enterprise server, or a rack-mounted OpenPOWER-based hardware appliance that connects to managed systems via the network (similar to the way x86-based HMCs are used today).

The Virtual HMC Appliance

The new HMC virtual appliance for IBM Power Systems gives clients additional flexibility to deploy an HMC on a managed system to manage other Power Systems servers. Clients would deploy the appliance as an LPAR within their own server hardware, using PowerVM virtualization to host the IBM supplied HMC virtual appliance alongside their existing workloads.

The HMC virtual appliance for IBM Power Systems can be used to manage any of the systems that are supported by the version 8.8.7 HMC, which includes IBM Power Systems servers with POWER6, POWER7 and POWER8 technology-based processors.

The Power Systems HMC virtual appliance offers these benefits:

  • Offers the same functionality as existing HMC appliances
  • Provides the ability to enhance the capabilities of the HMC appliance simply by allocating additional resources to the partition running HMC code
  • Eliminates the need to install a separate system in your datacenter specifically to manage IBM Power Systems enterprise servers

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