Sponsored Content: Will the Kids be all Right?

The IBM i community has acquired many fresh faces. The invigorating curiosity and open-mindedness the kids bring to the IBM i is refreshing and very important. The IBM i needs all that it can get.

That said, let’s celebrate faces of the IBM i that carry the most experience. Most of these faces started on IBM midrange platforms 30 or 40 years ago. With little or no programming training, this generation of programmers kickstarted the need for IBM midrange machines. The software they wrote continues to be the backbone of many, many businesses today.

The documentation for this software’s data flows, its foibles, its logic, and its backdoors lives only in the minds of the most experienced professionals, many of whom are now pondering a full-time spot in a beach chair. Celebrate and appreciate these programmers. Encourage them to share their communal knowledge with the fresh faces. Without that knowledge transfer, the kids will not be alright!

Roger Pence
ASNA product specialist, ASNA Inc.

Roger Pence is a product specialist for ASNA and thinks They Might Be Giants makes great music to code by.